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Nepal Eid Al Adha

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Cultural Nepal Eid Al Adha
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Nepal Eid Al Adha
Nepal Eid Al Adha
AED 2850
Cultural Nepal Eid Al Adha 1
Nepal Eid Al Adha
AED 1699
Cultural Nepal Eid Al Adha 2
 Cultural Nepal Eid Al Adha 2
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Nepal tour package from Dubai

Nepal is one of the smallest countries in Asia, and it is surrounded by highly populated countries like China and India. Although it overlooked country, it is an adventurous country to visit from UAE.

There are picturesque valleys, trekking routes, and breathtaking glaciers. In addition, you get to learn about the infectious culture, views from the highest mountains on earth, delicious cuisines, and see wildlife.

These are among other things which make the Nepal tour package from Dubai ideal if you love to explore the world. Here are some of the essential facts you need to know before visiting Nepal from Dubai.

Do UAE residents need a visa to Nepal?

As a UAE citizen, you can either apply for a visa or Nepal or get a visa on arrival. If you are a tourist, the visa you get allows you to stay up to 90 days. During issuance of visa on arrival, which takes place at Tribhuvan International Airport, you'll have to present traveling documents.

Sometimes there is queuing to get a visa on arrival for UAE citizens; thus, there is another option to get a visa to Nepal for UAE citizens in advance. You can let us help process the visa to Nepal, and you’ll not be delayed at the airport.

What is Climate in Nepal?

The climate in Nepal can be described in terms of seasons. There is 5 season in Nepal monsoon, autumn, summer, winter, and spring.

The autumn season starts from October to November, and the weather is favorable for tourists. The spring season, another ideal time to visit Nepal starts from Mid-February to May.

The winter season starts from December to mid-February, and the weather is cold. The monsoon season is when it rains every day. During this season, there is flooding, thus making most of the parts accessible.

What is the best time to visit Nepal?

The best time to visit Nepal is during the autumn and spring season. The autumn season starts from late September to late November, and it is where most tourists visit Nepal. The spring starts from March to May, and also weather is favorable for tourists though not compared to the autumn season. During the spring season, there is dust and humidity hence being unpleasant.

During the winter season, fewer people tour Nepal. The weather is cold, but it is the best time to visit Nepal if you like sightseeing. During the monsoon season, there are few tourists. Through if you like to trek in the mountains, this is the best time. However, during this season, there is flooding in most parts of Nepal, making it hard to get around.

How to travel around in Nepal

There are several means to get around in Nepal, but you need to understand that using means like public transport can be challenging. Nepal's weather conditions can worsen, especially during the monsoon season, and the condition of public vehicles is not pleasing.

Therefore when looking for how to get around in Nepal, consider not using public transport if possible. Also, the roads are not the best; it takes time to get where you are going. However, you can use these means to get around in Nepal.


One of the best ways to get around in Nepal is air. You can book domestic flights to several locations. The government of Nepal has tried to establish runaways even deep in the jungle and High Mountains.

You may be amazed by some of the runaways, but the pilots are experienced. Since the last major air disaster in Nepal, it has been some years now. Thus they are getting used to these runaways.


There is a tax servicein Nepal that you can hire and use to get around. Tax is more comfortable and can get you anywhere you want, provided you budget.


You can use a bicycle to get around, especially when touring the park. There are several bicycle rental shops in Kathmandu and Pokhara for tourists to get around.


Public transportation in Nepal relies heavily on extremely affordable buses. They're often excruciatingly painful as well. Everyone can get on and off a bus anywhere, at any time.

However, catching a bus at its origin rather than in the middle of the route will make it much easier to get a seat. You should reserve a few days in advance for long-distance buses.

Private Cars

A private car is significantly faster and more convenient than a bus. This can be a better choice if you're traveling with a large group, such as a family or group of friends.

In addition to the drivers, travelers frequently report being polite and willing to share stories about their culture with them. Additionally, multi-day automobile rentals in Nepal can cost as little as USD 60 per day, including petrol and a driver.


Bicycles are a great alternative to motorcycles if you're not a fan of the latter. For experienced motorcyclists, Nepal's picturesque mountain roads are excellent, with scooter rental costs starting at around 500 Rupees (around $4) per day.


Rickshaws are mainly found in Kathmandu and the Terai region of Nepal. In addition to being an enjoyable mode of transportation, taking a rickshaw ride is one of the tourist attractions in Nepal.

Where to stay in Nepal

There are various places you can stay in Nepal. Whether you want to stay in a place where ere views or you want luxurious places, there is one for you. Here are the best hotels you can stay in Nepal.

Shangri-La Village Resort Pokhara

Shangri-La Village Resort is a luxurious place in Nepal, especially if you are touring Pokhara. There are 61 spacious and fantastically furnished rooms at this resort.

You can catch great views of Machhapuchhre and the Himalayas; you can choose to dine outdoor enjoying the great breeze, and also there is a garden where you can stroll. Shangri-La Village Resort Pokhara is a cool and classy place to relax while touring Pokhara.

Mountain Glory Forest Resort

If you wish not to stay the city to the city, there is Mountain Glory Forest Resort. The resort is situated at the outcast of Pokhara, and trees surround it.

The rooms feature dark wood paneling for warmth. At the resort, there are great views of the Annapurna massif. You can choose to book private rooms to enjoy your time in Nepal the way you want. Some of the activities around this resort include mountain biking, hiking, and dips in the outdoor pool.

Hotel Shanker

Located in Kathmandu Hotel, Shanker is an iconic and luxury hotel. The hotel features regal gardens, an outdoor pool, and chandelier-decked interiors.

There is history about this hotel as it was opulent in the 19th-century Rana dynasty palace and was later converted to today's hotel Shanker. At the hotel, you can try Nepalese, Indian and Chinese cuisine. There is Narayanhitiy Palace Museumnearby, and you can pay a visit.

The Dwarika's Hotel

Dwarika's is among the best hotel in Nepal. Despite its location, it's an architectural wonderland within its confines. Dwarika Das Shrestha founded it in the 1950s as part of a plan to save traditional Newari crafts from extinction.

Since its renovation, the hotel has been transformed into a mini-museum of traditional Newari palace architecture. Antiques, paintings, and handcrafted bed linens adorn the hotel's 80 guestrooms and suites. All of the amenities you could want are here, including a beautiful pool in the middle of the courtyard and five restaurants.

MeghauliSerai lodge

MeghauliSerai is a 30-room lodge near Barahi and the Chitwan National Park. There are white-cushioned armchairs, an open stone foyer, and Tharu artwork adorning the walls, making this lodge stand out.

Every of the hotel's 30 rooms has its unique style, ranging from balconies with views of the Terai grasslands to the RaptiMahal Suite, a private pool. At the riverside dining deck, you might even see an elephant.

Best things to do in Nepal

Here are some of the best things you can do in Nepal and can't miss to include them on your places to visit in Nepal. After touring these laces, you’ll have a story to tell about Nepal.


All levels of trekkers are welcome in Nepal, which has some of the best trekking trails in the world at its disposal. Poonhill, the Everest Base Camp Trek, and the Manaslu Trek are just a few Nepali treks available.

A good place to start if you want to climb, but lack experience is Island Peak. Even though these mountains are more than 6,000 feet above sea level, they may be conquered by persons who have no prior mountaineering experience.

Take a tour to Chitwan National Park.

As the country's first national park, Chitwan is another must-see location in Nepal. ' One-horned rhinos, Bengal tigers, and Asian elephants are among the park's many residents, along with more than 500 different kinds of migratory birds.

Nearly 332 square miles of the park are dedicated to wildlife viewing, with bears, tigers, crocodiles, elephants, and rhinoceros among the many species that may be seen there. Kingfishers, paradise flycatchers, egrets, and brahminy ducks are more common birds to be seen in the area.

Tour Kathmandu's Historic Sites

You should hire a local guide and take a real sightseeing tour of Kathmandu to get the best experience possible. Enormous stone sculptures, beautiful pagodas, and complex carvings can be found at every turn in the Valley of Flowers.

There are numerous temples and shrines in the area, making it feel like a living museum. You can't figure out what to focus on based on your interests and time limits as a result.

A guide aids in destination selection and serves as a constant source of information on the history and mythology of the area. Attractions in Kathmandu Valley include the Durbar Square, the Temple of Kumari, SwayambhunathStupa, and Pashupatinath and Swayambhunath.

Helicopter Tour to Mount Everest

You can take an Everest Mountain Flight to get a bird's-eye view of the Himalayan peaks, including Mount Everest. When it comes to flying to the top of Mount Everest, you may learn a lot from Stefania from Every Steph.

It is possible to see the most traditional Himalayan cultures while also seeing breathtaking peaks like Mt. Cho Oyu, AmaDablam, and Pumori up close and personal on this excursion.

In order to help you understand what you're seeing, the pilot and crew will provide narration for the duration of your flight, which will take about an hour.

Visit Bardia National Park

Bardia National Park is regarded to be whatChitwan was 30 years ago, before becoming commercialized owing to tourism. At the part, there is beautiful wildlife you'll love seeing.

The park's grasslands and sal forests extend 968 square kilometers, making it one of Asia's largest tracts of tiger habitat.

There are more than 250 bird species, including sarus cranes and the Bengal floricans. In addition, there are also 30 mammal species, such as one-horned rhinoceroses and elephants.

Visit Chitwan National Park

At a lower altitude than Kathmandu, Chitwan offers a tropical monsoon environment that is completely unlike what you'd expect to see in Nepal at 1,400 meters.

Wildlife is the main draw for visitors. Various animals can be seen in the park, including rhinoceroses, Bengal tigers, leopards, sloth bears, gaur (buffaloes), and deere. The rivers and streams are home to freshwater dolphins and crocodiles.

Chitwan is an ornithologist's dream come true, with more than 500 different species of birds. Tours departing from the lodges take visitors into the park to see the creatures up and personal, either on foot or, more frequently, atop an elephant. South of Kathmandu, on the border with India, is Chitwan, one of UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage Sites.