River Rafting in Trishuli River
River Rafting in Trishuli River
Chitwan National Park
Chitwan National Park
Nepal Summer Tour
Nepal Eid Al Adha
Cultural Nepal Eid Al Adha
Cultural Nepal Eid Al Adha 1
Cultural Nepal Eid Al Adha
Cultural Nepal Eid Al Adha 2
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River Rafting in Trishuli River
Chitwan National Park
Nepal Eid Al Adha
Cultural Nepal Eid Al Adha 1
Cultural Nepal Eid Al Adha 2
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Why to book with Arooha

Arooha Tours is highly rated agency and offers the best Nepal tour package from Dubai. The tours are customized to offer every traveler unique experience in Nepal. Our team has curated every tour for the best experience.
Check out these reasons why tours in this page are right for you.

Take care of travel requirements

You don’t have to worry about the travel requirements. Arooha team will take of the visa requirements, travel insurance, book fight and accommodation. You will be focused on planning the trip.

Best experience

Even if it is your first time to visit Nepal or you have been there before these tours are customized to offer your unique and best experience you can think of.

Value for money

The tours price is reasonable and inclusion of all necessities you will need during the trip. Meals, transport and other travel basics are all included in the tour package you choose.

Nepal Packages to choose from

We understand every travel has preference and here we have curated different Nepal tour packages from Dubai to meet everyone needs. We can further customize the tour to personalize preference when booking. Let us know.

About Nepal

Although Nepal is overlooked country by tourist as it is smallest country in Asia, there several things which make it an amazing country to visit from UAE.

One of the main reasons why tourist visits Nepal is to view the highest mountain the world Mount Everest. There are also other things which make Nepal a tourist destination like picturesque valleys, trekking routes, and breathtaking glaciers to mention a few.

Hence, if Nepal is your travel destination you can check out the Nepal tour packages from Dubai and book the tour which will meet the experience you look forward to in Nepal.

Do UAE residents need a visa to Nepal?

The requirement to have a Nepal visa for UAE residents so that you can be allowed into the country depends on your nationality. Our visa expert can help you know the visa requirements.

If you are UAE national you can travel to Nepal without a visa and will get it when you arrive. You can also choose to get the visa in advance and avoid the long queuing at the airport. You can let us help process the visa to Nepal, and you’ll not be delayed at the airport.

What is Climate in Nepal?

To describe the climate in Nepal, we have to look at the seasons which are monsoon, autumn, summer, winter, and spring.

The favorite time for tourist to visit Nepal taking weather into consideration is either in autumn starts from October to November or spring season starts from Mid-February to May.

During winter season the weather is cold and it starts from December to mid-February. During monsoon season there is a lot of rainfall and flooding in most part of Nepal making most parts not accessible.

What is the best time to visit Nepal?

Autumn and spring season is the best time to visit Nepal as the weather is favorable for outdoor activities. The autumn season starts from late September to late November and spring starts from March to May.

The autumn season is the peak season in Nepal and it can be crowded in popular tourist attractions. If you don’t like crowds then you should opt the spring season but there is humid and dust.

How to travel around in Nepal

There are several means you can use to get around in Nepal. The roads are not developed especially in the villages. Also, you should avoid using public transport the experience is no ideal at all.

Below is our suggestion of the best way to get around in Nepal.


You can book domestic flight to several locations in Nepal. There are runways even the jungle and High Mountains. Some runaway may look risky to you but the pilots are experienced to land safely.


Hiring a taxi in Nepal is easy and among the best way to get around. You can find taxi in the streets and before you board you should discuss the charges.


If you are touring like a park the best means you can use to get around is a bicycle. You can find shops renting bicycles in in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Private Cars

Hiring private car is one the convenient means to get around in Nepal especially if you are travelling as group or with your family.
The cost of hiring private car in Nepal is approximately USD 60 per day inclusioin of petrol and a driver.


You will not find rickshaws in all parts of Nepal but they are mostly used in Kathmandu and the Terai region.

They are themselves many tourist attractions. They may be slow but they are enjoyable and will eventually get where you are going.

Where to stay in Nepal

Find where to stay in Nepal is not an issue because there are hotels and resorts offering rates for every traveler.

If you are travelling on budget you can choose luxurious place to stay and if on budget can find affordable classy hotel .

1. Shangri-La Village Resort Pokhara

You can enjoy you stay this luxurious resort especially if you are touring Pokhara. The hotel has 61 well-furnished and spacious rooms for guests.

From the hotel you can enjoy views of Machhapuchhre and the Himalayas. At the evening you can enjoy your dinners outdoor while enjoying breeze. There is also a garden at the resort where you can stroll.

2. Mountain Glory Forest Resort

This resort is located at the outcast of Pokhara in serene environment away from the city chaos. There are several facilities at the hotel such as swimming pool, restaurant, free Wi-Fi among others.

There different rooms for the guest and if you value your privacy can book private room. The rooms features dark wood paneling for warmth.

From the resort you can see he Annapurna massif. You can also enjoy activities such as mountain biking, hiking around this resort.

3. Hotel Shanker

Hotel Shanker is a well-known luxurious hotel situated in Kathmandu. This hotel dates back to 19th century where the building was Rana dynasty palace but was later converted to a hotel.

You will enjoy your stay in this hotel it features regal gardens, an outdoor pool, and chandelier-decked interiors.

4. The Dwarika's Hotel

Dwarika's Hotel dates back to 1950’s and it is not only a hotel but also a mini-museum. You will love the architecture of this hotel, traditional Newari palace architecture.

There are 80 guestrooms and suites featuring Antiques, paintings, and handcrafted bed linens. There are all amenities you can get in a hotel.

5. MeghauliSerai lodge

This lodger is located near Barahi and the Chitwan National Park. There are 30 guest rooms with unique style.

The lodger is well built to make it stand out. There are white-cushioned armchairs, an open stone foyer, and Tharu artwork adorning the walls.

From the rooms balconies you can get views of the Terai grasslands to the RaptiMahal Suite, a private pool. At the riverside dining deck, you might even see an elephant.

Best things to do in Nepal

When you are planning your trip to Nepal here are some of activities you should not fail to include in your itinerary and you’ll have a story to tell about Nepal.

1. Trekking

Whether you are a started or experience trekker you will enjoy hiking and trekking experience in Nepal. There are different trails you can use and some of them are considered the best in the world.

Examples of places you can go hiking are at Poonhill, the Everest Base Camp Trek or the Manaslu Trek. If you are a beginner you should try Island Peak.

2. Tour Chitwan National Park.

This is the first national park in Nepal which stretches 332 square miles. It is one of the places where you not miss to visit in Nepal and get to see wild animals such as One-horned rhinos, Bengal tigers, Asian elephants and more than 500 different kinds of migratory birds.

Other wild animals you can see are bears, tigers, crocodiles, elephants, and rhinoceros. If you love bird watching you can spot kingfishers, paradise flycatchers, egrets, and brahminy ducks.

3. Tour Kathmandu's Historic Sites

There are several historical sites for sightseeing in Kathmandu. Fort best experience you should embark on a guided tour.

One of the places you should visit is the Valley of Flowers. Here you will get to see enormous stone sculptures, beautiful pagodas, and complex carvings.

At this valley there are also numerous temples and shrines in the area which makes it like a museum.

4. Helicopter Tour to Mount Everest

You can get to see the peak of the highest mountain in the world when you embark on a helicopter tour to Mount Everest.

During the tour you will also get to see peak of like Mt. Cho Oyu, AmaDablam, and Pumori. The pilot and crew will explain to your during the flight which is which. Tyew tour takes around 1 hour.

5. Visit Bardia National Park

If you love nature and wild animals you will get to a lot of them in this park. Many tourists visit this park to see tiger and the park is the right habitant for the real wild animals.

The park sits on a 968 square kilometers and it is home to more than 30 mammal species, such as one-horned rhinoceroses and elephants. There are also more than 250 bird species, including sarus cranes and the Bengal floricans.