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Do I need to arrange visa ?

Azerbaijan is of today among the top tourist destination from DUBAI. Therefore if you are planning trip to Azerbaijan you’ll enjoy this Caucasian country.

Azerbaijan is located in Asia in the southern part of the Caucasus and its neighboring countries are Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Iran and Turkey. The geographical location makes Azerbaijan an ideal place to tour and learn its intriguing history.

If you have never been to Azerbaijan and planning to visiting imagine what it feel like to be touring country which is located between Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains. Moreover, picture exploring ancient mosques, old-world Russian opulence and walled cities. It is a fascinating country to tour and it will be charming and perplexing experience.

Does UAE residents need visa to Azerbaijan?

Visiting Azerbaijan is on the cards of many UAE residents, especially with all the news about the visa on arrival. As a UAE resident, you will need a visa to enter Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan visa on arrival is a valid option although there are a few things you need to know about this option. This will allow you to make a more informed decision when it comes to this option.

Azerbaijan Visa on Arrival is one of the most popular ways to get into Azerbaijan. You can easily get a tourist visa for Azerbaijan if you are a resident of the UAE.

The visa on arrival process for Azerbaijan is pretty straightforward and takes a few steps, but it can be a bit tricky because it is a first for a lot of people.

If you live in the UAE and you want to visit Azerbaijan, you can simply apply for a visa online and you will be asked to fill out an application form and provide your personal information for the application. You will also be asked to provide a reference to a UAE resident.

If you are an individual visitor then you will get an Azerbaijan tourist visa for 30 days, and you will only have to pay 45 USD for the visa application.

In this type of visa, you will get an individual entry with 90 days visa validity and you will get your visa after 4-5 days of processing time.

But, if you require the visa on an urgent basis then there is an option of a 30 days urgent visa for the individual entry that you can get after 3-4 hours of processing time with 30 days stay validity with 90 days visa validity and you have to pay 48 USD for this.

The most prominent benefit of having a valid visa on arrival is the fact that you will not need to clear any extra visa documents. You can simply land in Azerbaijan and get that visa stamp and walk straight into the country.

You will be able to get that visa on arrival without having to take the hassle of clearing all documents and application processes.

What type of climate does Azerbaijan have?

In Azerbaijan, the climate is slightly continental, with relatively cold winters and hot summers; it is also arid in most of the low-lying areas, while it is colder and generally rainier in the mountains.

The coast on the Caspian Sea is semi-arid in the northern part and arid in the center (see Baku), while it is rainy in the southernmost stretch, which is therefore an exception to the rule that the plains of Azerbaijan are arid.

Winter in Azerbaijan is cold but not freezing, at least in the plains.Summer is hot and sunny, with some afternoon thunderstorms in inland areas.

When the best time to Azerbaijan

Diversity in landscapes and climatic zones make the Land of Firean alluring destination at any time of the year. Due to the risk of extreme weather, both in summer and winter, spring and autumn is the best travel period. If you travel to the coast, for example to the capital Baku, then summer is also a nice option.


In Azerbaijan, the summers are hot and last from June till September. The weather gets quite hot and uncomfortable and in Baku, temperatures can even reach 40 degrees centigrade. If you are visiting though, check out the highlands like Sheki or Quba where weather might be perfect for hiking or the beaches along Absheron Peninsula. So, if you’re not planning to stick to the hot lowlands, summer could actually be the best time to travel to Azerbaijan.


Expect rain in Baku during autumn, starting in October. But many locals feel that October is the best time to visit Azerbaijan because the temperature is moderate and comfortable. Hiking is not a good idea and by November, the weather begins to get a lot cooler.


Winters tend to get cold and at times can go below freezing. Baku however is quite colourful with New Year and Christmas celebrations underway.


From March onwards, spring sets in and most people like to visit Sheki, an ancient town in the Greater Caucasus Mountains. Azerbaijan celebrates its Republic Day on 28th May, so there are lots of celebrations around.

How to get around inAzerbaijan


The only internal flights are Baku–Naxçıvan (AZN70, several daily) and Baku–Gəncə (AZN61, three weekly).


In Baku, 2Təkər repairs bicycles and sells high-quality brands. RentaSport rents mountain bikes.


Buses and minibuses link major towns to a set timetable. Some routes between nearby towns are served by marshrutky (minibuses that depart when they have enough passengers). Services to remote villages typically leave the village early morning to the bazaar or the nearest town, returning mid-afternoon.

Car & Motorcycle

Many of Azerbaijan's smaller villages remain accessible only by tough cars or 4WD jeep, but road building is rapidly expanding


Virtually all intercity trains ( travel overnight. Fares are extremely reasonable and include bedsheets and a reserved berth. Tickets go on sale ten days before departure and booking at least a few days ahead is wise. You'll need to present your passport both to board the train and to buy a ticket


Whether you are in a hurry to reach your destination or looking to get to a more remote place not accessible by public transport, a ride-share or taxi might be the most convenient option.

Best hotels in Azerbaijan

Research 5 best hotels in that area and write small description

The Merchant Baku

Located in the heart of the capital city Baku and on the historic Silk Road- The Merchant Baku is a hotel surrounded by years of heritage and beauty. It is an amalgam of the old and the contemporary; of tradition and of modern comforts.

Enjoy the luxurious and elegant suites, scrumptious Azerbaijani, Western and Asian cuisine, and carefully curated delicious mixed cocktails!

Qalaalti Hotel & Spa

The Qalaalti Hotel & Spa is a perfect contemporary hotel with the best amenities and modern comforts. The suites are classy and sophisticated, and guests additionally have the option to choose from gorgeous villas for their stay.

It is known for its luxurious spa that includes exotic packages and facilities such as a Turkish bath, Finnish saunas and a vitamin bar to rejuvenate and replenish. Apart from this, the hotel also offers exceptional gourmet dining and endless entertainment options.

Shamakhi Palace Sharadil

As its name suggests, the Shamakhi Palace hotel in Sharadil is nothing short of a palace. Experience the true meaning of regal opulence at this stunning location.

The suites are swoonworthy- with plush bedding, silk curtains and marble bathrooms. Feel like a queen at Nargiz Spa that offers exotic treatments and facilities in luxurious rooms.

Sit down to royal meals at the exquisitely-designed restaurants offering sumptuous Azerbaijani, Turkish and exotic cuisines, and wines of the highest quality.

Quba Palace Hotel

A secluded, large, mansion-style hotel surrounded by the majestic Caucasus hills and a gorgeous lake; Quba Palace Hotel is the stuff dreams are made of.

Treat yourself at the exotic spa, enjoy the finest international and traditional cuisines, and soak in the royal treatment at the hotel. With exquisite suites, endless entertainment opportunities and an overall atmosphere of lovely serenity- Quba will delight your being.

QafqazTufandag Mountain Resort Hotel

Renowned as the highest hotel in all of Azerbaijan, the picturesque QafqazTufandag Mountain Resort hotel is located at the foot of the Caucasus mountains.

Imagine a travel postcard- billowing clouds, crystal-clear lake, enchanting trees and smoky mountains. That’s the place. Ditto.

It is the perfect place for ski lovers, summer sport enthusiasts, and for those who enjoy relaxing in beautiful, aesthetic and luxurious surroundings. Choose from a range of sophisticated suites, several excellent restaurants, and incredible world-class spa and fitness amenities.

What are the best things in Azerbaijan?

What are the best things in Azerbaijan?

The other of Azerbaijan’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites is the Gobustan National Park, that attracts thousands of tourists annually.

This otherworldly site is a sprawling field speckled with bubbling mud volcanos, anthropological sites and sizzling lakes.

In Azerbaijan there are around 300 mud volcanoes to be found at the shore, in the sea and on islands. That’s about 30% of the world’s total, and is a main reason people choose to visit Azerbaijan.

Wander Through the Azerbaijan Carpet Museum

In Azerbaijan and nearby Central Asia, carpet weaving occupies a special place in the history of its national culture.Definitively the most widespread folk art is carpet weaving. It was a part of everyday life of Azerbaijanis and turned into a national symbol.

The carpets have a high aesthetic and historic importance, so they’re also used to cover the walls and floors of homes, nomads’ tents, mosques and government buildings as well.

The Azerbaijan Carpet Museum was set up in 1967. Besides the obvious carpets, it also holds in possession over 10,000 objects such as ceramics, metal works, and jewellery dating from the Bronze Age etc.The museum is primarily used for research, keeping and displaying carpets and carpet items, as well as applied art works.

Tour Baku Old City

Old City or “Icharishahar”, is one of Azerbaijan’s two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It’s truly a unique, historical part of Azerbaijan and is located within the heart of Baku.

The Old City is very clean and recently renovated. It’s a very beautiful and very artful town, surrounded by fortressed walls, adding to the character.

Walk through its cobblestone streets, see and touch the stones of the ancient walls, zigzag through narrow corridors and admire the intricate art on the doors.

The Old City of Baku has a lot to offer. The town has a lot of aged buildings, a palace complex, mosques and the iconic Maiden Tower.Across from the Maiden Tower you can book an audio tour that will elaborate on the main sightseeing points of Old City.

We always suggest a guided tour because we prefer to ask locals questions and hear the story of their hometown through their eyes.

It’s a great place to wander around. There are a lot of souvenir vendors, great tea shops and restaurants. With a beautiful view of the boulevard, picturesque moments of merchants playing chess or backgammon, interesting trinkets being sold – you won’t get tired even after hours of exploring.

Absheron National Park

Sitting in the Azizbeyov region of the city of Baku, Absheron National Park spans 783 hectares of protected land and is the perfect place to come to witness the stunning flora and fauna of Azerbaijan.

The national park has a whole host of local wildlife such as gazelles, birds, jackals, badgers, and Caspian seals. The land here is mostly dry steppe, which lends itself to romantic rolling sand dunes and reed like grass that sways in the wind.

The waters here are also known to be crystal clear and teaming with wildlife including the occasional sea snake. If you want to catch sight of the famed Caspian seals, you need to aim to visit from September onwards.

Garasu Volcano

Many visitors to Azerbaijan may not know that the country has the highest number of mud volcanoes in the world. 350 to be exact! One of the best known is Garasu Volcano, that has been known to spew mud over 1,000 metres into the air.

The volcanoes are caused when gases under the earth build up and push the mud high into the air as a release. The first mud volcanoes are said to have erupted in Azerbaijan 25 million years ago, and visitors to Garasu often say that it looks like the surface of the moon!