Explore the Inherent Culture with Arooha's Turkey Visa from Dubai

It’s a land that has imprinted great historical values and scrumptious cuisines that you will ever taste. How can anyone miss these amazing Turkish cities from your bucket list?

Here is the guide for you! Plan your holiday and get easy access to Turkey visa from Dubai via Arooha Tours. Experience the beaches, mountainous countryside and inherent culture in Republic of Turkey. Your visa is just a call away.

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First Step

From where should you start?

Before go in to detail with the visa procedure, Check if your passport is eligible to travel WITHOUT A VISA.

Allowed 90 days stay (within 180 days Period )

1. Albania 24. Hong Kong 47. Panama
2. Andorra 25. Hungary 48. Paraguay
3. Argentina 26. Iceland 49. Peru
4. Belize 27. Iran 50. Qatar
5. Bolivia 28. Israel 51. Romania
6. Bosnia & Herzegovina 29. Italy 52. Saint Kitts and Nevis
7. Brazil 30. Japan 53. San Marino
8. Brunei 31. Jordan 54. Serbia
9. Bulgaria 32. Kosovo 55. Seychelles
10. Chile 33. Kuwait 56. Singapore
11. Colombia 34. Kyrgyzstan 57. Slovakia
12. Czech Republic 35. Lebanon 58. Slovenia
13. Denmark 36. Liechtenstein 59. South Korea
14. Ecuador 37. Lithuania 60. Sweden
15. El Salvador 38. Luxembourg 61. Switzerland
16. Estonia 39. Macedonia 62. Trinidad and Tobago
17. Finland 40. Malaysia 63. Tunisia
18. France 41. Monaco 64. Ukraine
19. Georgia 42. Montenegro 65. Uruguay
20. Germany 43. Morocco 66. Vatican City
21. Greece 44. Moldova 67. Venezuela
22. Guatemala 45. New Zealand
23. Honduras 46. Nicaragua

Allowed 60 days stay (within 180 days Period )


Allowed 30 days stay (within 180-day period)

1. Azerbaijan 5. Latva 9. Thailand
2. Belarus 6. Macao 10. Turkmenistan
3. Costa Rica 7. Mongolia 11. Uzbekistan
4. Kazakhstan 8. Tajikistan

If YOU ARE IN the above list

Your Visa will be free of charge
You can enjoy a travel to Turkey for a tourism or Business purposes as you wish

*Also: Diplomats/ service and VIP passport holders of Paid e-visa counties will have exception of free entry to Turkey

If you are NOT in the above list


Checkout if your passport is belongs to one of these ON ARRIVAL – PAID E-VISA COUNTIES below (Note that some of these counties are able to apply e-visa before arrival as well)

90 days stay On Arrival- E-visa (within 180 daysperiod)

1. Antigua and Barbuda 13. Portugal 25. Saudi Arabia
2. Armenia 14. Jamaica 26. Croatia
3. Australia 15. Maldives 27. Fiji
4. Austria 16. Mauritius 28. Spain
5. Bahamas 17. Malta 29. United Arab Emirates
6. Barbados 18. Portugal 30. United Kingdom
7. Belgium 19. Dominica 31. United States
8. Canada 20. Mexico 32. Indonesia
9. Cyprus 21. Netherlands 33. Ireland
10. Dominican Republic 22. Norway 34. Oman
11. Grenada 23. Saint Lucia 35. Poland
12. Haiti 24. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

30 days stay(within 180-day period) On-arrival E-visa


1. Afghanistan 23. Vanuatu 45. Philippines
2. Algeria 24. Zimbabwe 46. Rwanda
3. Angola 25. Libya 47. Eritrea
4. Bangladesh 26. Mali 48. Gambia
5. Senegal 27. Namibia 49. Guinea-Bissau
6. Sudan 28. Palestine 50. Central African Republic
7. Uganda 29. Djibouti 51. Chad
8. Zambia 30. Equatorial Guinea 52. Comoros
9. Malawi 31. Gabon 53. Côte
10. Mozambique 32. Guinea 54. Somalia
11. Nepal 33. Burundi 55. Togo
12. Pakistan 34. Cambodia 56. Yemen
13. R Congo 35. Cameroon 57. Madagascar
14. Egypt 36. Mali 58. Mozambique
15. Lesotho 37. Cape Verde 59. Nigeria
16. Ghana 38. Sri Lanka 60.
17. Benin 39. Tanzania 61. Palestine
18. Bhutan 40. Vietnam 62. São Tomé and Príncipe
19. Botswana 41. India 63. Kenya
20. Burkina Faso 42. Mauritania 64. Ethiopia
21. Sierra Leone 43. Mauritania 65. Iraq
22. Swaziland 44. Niger

If you are neither in the e-visa paid on-arrivallist- with fulfilled conditions Norfree entry allowed country list,


Obviously there is no other way than applying e-visa to Turkey from Dubai for your visit. You shall apply Turkey Electronic visa Online from Dubai Unless; your purpose of visit is Study or Work (for these cases must apply the visa application by submitting to the Turkey embassy in Dubai)


Turkey electronic visa application fee is differing depends on the nationality. For some nationals and ages the rate is higher than the normal rate. However, the application fee is non-refundable. There is a service fee which will be charged by Arooha tours, however the visa fee and the service charge is non-refundable.

Required Documents

Application Form

Application Form Signed by the applicant

Passport scanned copy

Passport scanned copy validity has to be more than 6 months from the date of return

Passport Photos

Passport size 2 photos in White background

Residence Visa

Validity for at least 6 months the date of return

Emirates Id

Valid Emirates ID

NOC Letter

No objection letter from the company you work stating your position, monthly salary, service period etc.

Bank Statements

3 months bank statement

Hotel Booking

Hotel Booking reservation

Travel Insurance

Repatriation andevacuation coverage up to 30000 euros

Flight Tickets

Flight Tickets with a confirmed Return flight ticket

Visa Processing time and Procedure

Processing time: Approximately 3-7 working days (e- visa)



Preliminary checking of your requirements


Collection of documents and the payment


Scrutinizing and Typing the application


Submission of Application, relevant scanned copies online ( tourism / Business purposes) and online payment


Visa processing


Receive your approved visa to Turkey


If you have a Schengen, UK or USA visa you are eligible to get a Electronic visa for Turkey.

Bit about Turkey

Epic of History
Paragon history if Turkey is speaks what all it has to offer for the visitors. Number of historical sites, Museums, Architecture and traditions remain in this country attract tourists to explore. As the former resting place for the traders who cruise along the silk route, the beaches, archeological sites witness the importance of the cities in here. Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia museum, Blue mosque, Basilica Cistern, Ruins of Ani is some of those must visit places in this country.

Amazing taste of culinary and cuisines
Authentic Turkish culinary is taste specialists. The spices, classical food items including soups, bread, Turkish chicken dishes, salads, Sea food in traditional style will be a novel experience for the travelers.

Great hospitality of the locals
Turkish people have a great heart in terms of hospitality. Even though they are having no super luxury life the smile, politeness and welcoming natures impress the visitors. Turkish tea and sweets are served by then will be greater enough while a friendly chat.

Biggest Bazaar in the world
Istanbul Grand bazaar is the world largest Bazaar which is spread along 60 streets with more than 3000 shop stalls. Also, the spice Bazaar is a famous visiting palace that tourists interested to walk-in.

Bath Houses
Bath houses which is denoted as “Hammams” is an identical style in Turkish public bath. With the religious background it has been evolved for cleanse and relax. In some bath houses the massages are included that helps your body relax.

Keep in mind about wash rooms Whenever you are travelling around Turkish cities, keep some local coins in your hand as for public was rooms will not accept any cards or other currencies. At the same time there will be no paper towels or Toilet papers available in public wash rooms in this country.

Frequently asked Questions

How many days it takes to process USA visa?

Once you application submitted to the embassy, it might take 15-30 working days in average

Do child applicants need to apply separate applications for Turkey visa?

Yes, each applicant should submit online e-visa if you are travelling for tourism/business purpose.

What if my e-visa application gets rejected will I be able to get the reason?

You can contact the Turkish embassy in Dubai for any clarification regarding your visa application

Is the visa fee refunded in case of rejection?

You might receive a partial refund from the payment you made depending on the decision of visa approval body.

Is insurance mandatory to get visa?

Yes, travel insurance is a must. If you get injured or any natural calamity occurs during your trip your insurance covers you for the above.

Hotel booking is required?

Yes, hotel booking is required to apply your e-visa to Istanbul from Dubai.