Have a Thrilling Vacation with Arooha's Cyprus Visa from Dubai Service

If you look beyond the gorgeous stretches of sun-drenched pristine beaches and picturesque vineyards joining with mountains blanketed with pine trees, you will see a destination that is not just known for its postcard landscapes but also for its history and antique treasures.

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Divided smack in the middle, Cyprus has two Cypriot populations, the Turkish Cypriot in the North and the Greek Cypriot in the South. Similarities of these two include all Cypriot traditions and culture while the difference is only their belief. No matter which side of Cyprus you are in the food culture, folk traditions, strong family bonds and generous Cypriot hospitality will captivate you.

Mediterranean climate and pleasant sun is enough to attract any holiday-seeker. But, Cyprus is not limited to that. Apart from having a variety of beaches that range from wild to family-friendly it offers every imaginable water-sport. Once you have tried scuba diving, kite surfing and surfing travel to the central region for winter skiing, hiking or trekking across pine-studded mountains, wildflower meadows and vineyard valleys.

For all the myth and history buffs, Cyprus is steeped in it. Being the birthplace of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite and attractions The passport you hold and it's originating country is the deciding criteria of whether you are eligible for a on-arrival or pre-arrival visa.

What type of Cyprus Visa do you need?

Electronic authorization

The countries eligible for electronic authorization are:

Russia Turkey Ukraine

What is the allowed stay duration in Cyprus for individuals with electronic authorization?

The stay duration allowed for the above countries are 90 days

On-arrival visa entry

The countries eligible for a Cyprus on-arrival visa are:

1. All European Union Citizens 13. Hong kong 25. Peru
2. Andorra 14. Iceland 26. Panama
3. Argentina 15. Israel 27. Paraguay
4. Australia 16. Jamaica 28. Palau
5. Brunei 17. Japan 29. Singapore
6. Barbados 18. Liechtenstein 30. San marino
7. Bahamas 19. Marshal Island's 31. South Korea
8. Belize 20. Macau 32. Trinidad and Tobago
9. Brazil 21. Malaysia 33. USA
10. Costa Rica 22. Micronesia 34. Uruguay
11. Chile 23. Monaco 35. Vatican city
12. Canada 24. New Zealand 36. Venezuela

What is the allowed stay duration in Cyprus for on-arrival visa holders?

The allowed stay duration for on-arrival visa holders is 90 days (unless specified otherwise).

Pre-arrival Visa

If your passport doesn't belong to any of the above mentioned countries, you need to apply for the pre-arrival visa. Keep reading the blog to get an idea of the neccesary documents and the procedures of obtaining a pre-arrival Cyprus visa from UAE.

Type of Pre-arrival visa?

Cyprus pre-arrival visas have been categorized in to two types to suit the traveller’s requirements. They are:

Business Visa


Ideal for all entrepreneurs, businessmen and investors traveling to Cyprus for trade, investment or Business reasons

Tourist Visa


This category is suitable for tourists and individuals visiting their family or friends living in Cyprus.

Cyprus Visa Prices From Dubai

Two criteria that cause price fluctuations of your Cyprus visa are the age of the applicant and the visa type they are applying for. The visa fee has to be paid to get a Cyprus visa and will not be refunded at any cost even if the visa gets rejected. Additionally, Arooha also charges AED 200 for assistance throughout the visa process

Supporting documents to apply for a Cyprus visa from UAE

For a successful Cyprus visa application process from UAE, the Cyprus Embassy requires the applicant to hand over the following supporting documents along with the visa application form.

Required documents for Cyprus pre-arrival visa when applying from UAE

Please note that if any of these documents are in Arabic, they need to be translated in to English.

Original Passport

having at least 2 blank pages and a validity period of at least 6 months, Applicant should be a resident in UAE for at least 6 months.


Fully filled visa application form in block letters

Copy of passport

Copy of passport’s first page and all other valid visa pages

2 Recent Photos

recent passport size color photograph in white background not older than 6 months and applicant’s head should be uncovered

Proof of economic solvency

Proof of sufficient financial means:

original personal bank statements for the past 3 months, stamped by the Bank

Flight booking (round-trip).

The applicant is advised not to purchase his/her travel ticket to Cyprus before having his/her application approved and the visa issued.

Proof of relationship

if travelling with family members, eg marriage certificate, birth certificate and copies of each document.

No objection certificate or salary certificate

addressed to the Embassy, including the employer’s full name, complete address and telephone number, regarding the applicant’s position, income, date of recruitment. Business owners/Partners should provide letter from the company and copy of trade license

Cyprus Visa Processing

What is the usual procedure when applying for a Cyprus visit visa from UAE?

The above mentioned supporting documents have to be submitted to the Arooha visa consultant who is assisting you with the Cyprus visa. The below mentioned procedures will be followed upon submission of supporting documents.


Pay the Cyprus visa fee and the visa consultation fee, both of which are mandatory


Your documents will be checked by your visa consultant. You can also ask any questions you have and discuss about the most suitable visa type for you.


The Cyprus visa application form will be filled and all documents will be rechecked.


You will receive an appointment date to submit the visa application and the supporting documents to the Cyprus Embassy.


The visa issue procedure begins.


You will receive a notification when your visa is ready for collection.


Collect your passport with the stamped Cyprus visa.

After all documents are handed over to the Cyprus embassy, how long will it take for the pre-arrival Cyprus visa to be issued?

The processing duration may fluctuate between 7 to 10 working days.

Tips to know before travelling to Cyprus

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Stick to lightweight material
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Lots of souvenir choices
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Abundant choices of desert and food
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Safe and Cheap travel by buses
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Stay away from tap water
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Best and cheapest time to visit
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Frequently asked Questions

What is the duration of the visa process?

The visa process duration might vary between 7 to 10 working days.

Is hotel booking and insurance mandatory for getting a Cyprus visa?

Yes, both are compulsory. Hotel booking is an important criteria for your visa to go through processing. Insurance is important for the applicant's safety to cover in case of sudden injuries or natural disasters while in Cyprus.

What do I do if the visa gets delayed by the embassy?

When you are submitting the supporting documents you will receive a receipt by the embassy with their contact number. You can call that number and check the cause of the delay.

Can the visa fee be refunded if the visa gets rejected?

No, the visa fee is not refundable.

Do minors need to be accompanied by parents while travelling to Cyprus?

Yes, minors (individuals below 18 years) have to be accompanied by a parents or guardian unless both parents have issued an NOC letter stating their approval of the child’s travel without either of them. The NOC has to be attached with the other supporting documents along with copies of both parents passports and submitted.