Australia Visa from Dubai

Australia is beautiful in every form, from the colorful barrier reef, lush rainforests to the rocky outcrops. The country also serves some of the best seafood and wine that attracts foodies and connoisseurs.

Australia is beautiful in every form, from the colorful barrier reef, lush rainforests to the rocky outcrops. The country also serves some of the best seafood and wine that attracts foodies and connoisseurs.

Obtaining an Australian visa from Dubai is now easy with the help of several visa consultants in the country, like Arooha Tours. If you are fortunate to be a citizen of countries eligible for an on-arrival visa, you will not need to apply for the visa prior to your trip.

Australia Visa from dubai

01 On Arrival Australia Visa

An on-arrival visa will be stamped at the Australian airport immigration, land border, or seaport, depending on the port of entry.

Below are the countries eligible for on-arrival Australia visa:

1. All European Union Citizens 12. France 23. Poland
2. Andorra 13. Germany 24. Romania
3. Austria 14. Greece 25. San Marino
4. Belgium 15. Hungary 26. Slovakia
5. Bulgaria 16. Ireland 27. Slovenia
6. Croatia 17. Italy 28. Spain
7. Cyprus 18. Latvia 29. Sweden
8. Czech Republic 19. Lithuania 30. United Kingdom
9. Denmark 20. Malta 31. Vatican City
10. Estonia 21. Monaco 32. Andorra
11. Finland 22. Netherlands 33. Luxembourg

The on-arrival visa allows you to stay in Australia for 90 days within a period of 180 days from the date of arrival.

If you are a UAE citizen or from a country not eligible for the on-arrival visa, read through this article to learn how to apply for an Australia visa from Dubai.

02 Australia Visa From Dubai

Australian visitor visa from Dubai is categorized into four types depending on the purpose of travel.

These are:

Business Visa


entrepreneurs, investors, and business people visiting for business purposes.

Transit visa

Airport transit

for those having a layover or transit in Australia en route to the final destination.

Cultural/ Sport/ researching

sports persons, researchers, or people visiting for sports events and research.

Tourist Visa


ideal for people visiting family/ friends or for leisure

03 Australia Visit Visa Cost From Dubai

The cost of an Australian visa from Dubai varies depending on the applicant's age and the type of visa applied.

The visa application fee is mandatory and cannot be refunded under any circumstance. Even if your visa application has been rejected by the embassy, the fees paid are non-refundable.

There is an additional service charge fee paid to Australian visa consultants in Dubai for assistance throughout the Australian visa application process. The service fee is approximately AED 800.

04Australia Visit Visa Requirements From Dubai

Below is the list of documents required when applying for an Australia tourist visa from Dubai:

Original Passport Original Passport

issued within ten years, with at least two blank pages and valid for at least six months from the date of return

2 Passport Photos 2 Passport Photos

Two recent passport-sized photographs with white background

Residence Visa Residence Visa

UAE Residence visa valid for at least three months to the return date

Valid Emirates ID Valid Emirates ID

Original and copy

Original Passport Bank Statement

Six months' bank statements – original or stamped by the bank

NOC Letter from Company NOC Letter from Company

original letter with company stamp stating the designation, start date of employment, monthly salary, and no objection statement. It should be stamped with the company seal on the company letterhead.

Confirmed hotel reservation Confirmed hotel reservation

Confirmed air ticket, including the return ticket Confirmed air ticket, including the return ticket

Travel Insurance Travel Insurance

Australia Visa from dubai

Minors have to be accompanied by parents or a guardian or a NOC letter from both parents stating their consent to the child's travel without either of them. Copies of the parent’s passports should be attached to the minor’s visa application.

05 Apply for Australia Visa From Dubai

The visa application process involves an Australian visa consultant in Dubai and the Australian embassy.

Below is the step-by-step procedure for an Australia visa application from Dubai:


Below is the step-by-step procedure for an Australia visa application from Dubai:


Pay the visa application fee and consultation fee


Next, the visa consultant will perform a preliminary review of the submitted documents and come up with the most suitable visa type depending on the purpose of your visit.


The consultant will type your application and countercheck the supporting documents.


You will be issued an appointment date to visit the visa application center in UAE and submit your application together with the documents. Biometrics will also be performed if necessary.


After that, visa processing will begin.


You will be notified once your visa has been processed


Lastly, collect your passport with the stamped Australian visa

This is how to apply for an Australian visa from Dubai.

06 Australia Visa Processing Time Dubai

For short nationalities, 75% of applications are processed in 17 days. 90% of visa applications are processed in 29 days for long nationalities.

In case of any delays, contact the Australia Visa Dubai embassy to check the cause of the delay.

07 What You Need To Know Before Visiting Australia

Australia is vast
Australia is both a country and a continent. Are you surprised? The country is big, and with that in mind, expects to cover only some of the country in a week or two. Cities in the country are far apart, and there are few towns between these gaps.

Most cities are along the coast, and the interior is mostly deserted. Unless you want to spend time in the wild, a road trip in the interior is not recommended. You can instead tour the east coast, where most of Australia's population resides.

Mixed up seasons

South Australia has totally opposite seasons, but North Australia experiences normal seasons, contrary to the misconceptions. You can visit Sydney from November to April but don't expect to go to the Great Barrier Reef as there will be heavy downpours.

Loads of Natural areas
There are several national parks characterized by greenery.

Informative Signboards
Australians can make everything seem interesting and educational. You will encounter many boards explaining the variety of trees and fauna in the area and details of the ecosystem.

Beetroot Obsession
An amazing fun fact: Australians and their love for beetroots. They include beetroots in almost all their dishes, so if you're allergic or don't like them, you need to say it when ordering your food.