Australia Visa from Dubai

Are you searching for a guide on how to apply for Australia Visa from Dubai? Arooha visa experts are available to assist you as you navigate through the Australia visa application process.

Whether you are planning to visit Australia for a vacation, business purpose, or to meet your family or friends residing there, we can assist you to obtain Australia Visa for a seamless travel experience.

Australia Visa from dubai

01 What is an Australia visa?

An Australian Visa is a permit issued by the Australian government to allow nationals from other countries to enter Australia.

When you are provided with an Australian visa, there is no visa stamp or label placed on your passport. Rather, the visa privileges you have been granted are electronically recorded on an online database.

When you are entering Australia, the officer at the immigration counter will check the database to verify if you have been issued a visa to enter the country.

02 Who Requires an Australia Visa from Dubai?

Only New Zealand passport holders are allowed to travel to Australia without applying for Australia visa because they are issued one upon their arrival.

The nationals from all other countries are required to apply for the appropriate Australian visa in advance before leaving their residence country.

03 Types of Australian Visitor visas

When applying for Australia visa from Dubai, you have to apply for the right visa. There are different types of Australian visa, categorized based on the applicant's passport, reason for their visit and their length of stay.

1. Electronic Travel Authority visa (subclass 601)

You can apply for this visa if you are a passport holder from the below countries. With this visa, you are allowed to enter Australia multiple times within a year and stay in the country for up to 30 days with each entry.

National eligible for ETA are required to apply for this visa through the Australian ETA app. You can be assisted by a travel agent like Arooha tours throughout the application process.

Below is the list of passport holders of countries with eligibility for ETA:

Andorra Ireland Republic of San Marino
Austria Italy Singapore
Brunei Japan South Korea
Canada Liechtenstein Spain
Denmark Luxembourg Sweden
Finland Malaysia Switzerland
France Malta Taiwan (excluding official or diplomatic passports)
Germany Monaco Netherlands
Greece Norway United Kingdom—British Citizen
Hong Kong (SAR of China) Portugal United Kingdom—British
Iceland United States of America Vatican City
National (Overseas)

2. eVisitor (subclass 651)

Below are the passport holders or nationals from number of European countries eligible to apply for this visa.

With this visa, you can enter Australia multiple times for tourism or business purposes. You are allowed to stay for up to 3 months during each visit within 12 months.

Here is the list of countries whose passport holders are eligible for the e Visitor (subclass 651):

Andorra Greece Norway
Austria Hungary Poland
Belgium Iceland Portugal
Bulgaria Ireland Romania
Croatia Italy Republic of San Marino
Cyprus Latvia Slovakia
Czech Republic Liechtenstein Slovenia
Denmark Lithuania Spain
Estonia Luxembourg Sweden
Finland Malta Switzerland
France Monaco United Kingdom – British Citizen
Germany Netherlands

3. Visitor visa (subclass 600)

If your country is not there in the above mentioned list, you are required to apply for an Australia visitor visa. This visa is open to all nationalities who want to visit Australia either for tourism or business purposes.

With this visa, you are allowed to stay in Australia for up to 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. You should know that you are required to apply for this visa before boarding a flight to Australia.

Following are the types of Australian visitors visa you can apply for according to the purpose of your visit:

Tourist Visa

Australian Tourist Visa

You should apply for this visa if your purpose for visiting Australia is tourism. This is the type of visa to apply for if you want to go on a vacation to Australia from Dubai.

Business Visa

Australian Business Visa

If your visit to Australia is to do business related activities, this is the visa you are required to apply. Business activities that you are allowed to carry out with this visa include signing or reviewing contracts, attending meetings, seminars, or conferences, etc.

Transit visa

Australian Medical Treatment Visa

This is the visa to apply for when your reason for visiting Australia is to seek medical treatment or medical consultations.

Australian Family-Sponsored Visa

If you have a family member or a relative living in Australia, they can sponsor you to apply for this visa.

04 Australia Visit Visa Requirements from Dubai

If you have a family member or a relative living in Australia, they can sponsor you to apply for this visa.

Original Passport Original Passport

The passport should not be older than 10 years, it should have at least two blank pages and it should be valid for at least six months from the date you are supposed to exit the US.

2 Passport Photos 2 Passport Photos

The photos should have been taken recently and they should be in passport size, with a white background.

Residence Visa Residence Visa

You should submit a valid UAE residence visa for at least three months to the return date from your US trip.

Valid Emirates ID Valid Emirates ID

Submit the original ID and a photocopy.

Original Passport Bank Statement

The bank statement should not be older than 6 months. It should be original or a copy with bank stamp.

NOC Letter from Company NOC Letter from Company

The letter you will be submitting should be original with company stamp. The letter should have details about your designation, start date of employment, monthly salary, and no objection certificate.

The letterhead of the NOC letter should have the company details and company's stamp.

Confirmed hotel reservation Confirmed hotel reservation

Confirmed air ticket, including the return ticket Confirmed air ticket, including the return ticket

Travel Insurance Travel Insurance

Australia Visa from dubai

The minor applicants are required to be accompanied by parents or a guardian. Parents or the guardian can also sign NOC letter stating their consent to the child's travel without either of them.

During the application, the minor applicant’s documents should have attached copies of their parent’s passports.

05 How to apply for Australia Visa from Dubai

Below is the step-by-step guide on how to apply for Australia Visa from Dubai:


Contact our Visa expert to initiate the application process


Our visa expert will guide you regarding the documents you need to gather for your visa application


Submit the required documents for the application


Pay the visa application fee and consultation fee


Our visa expert will review the documents that you have submitted


The consultant will type your application


You will be issued an appointment date to visit the Australian Consulate in Dubai and submit your visa application and biometrics if necessary


The consulate will commence visa processing


You will be notified once your visa has been processed

06 Australia Visit Visa Cost from Dubai

The cost of Australia visa from Dubai depends on the type of visa you are applying for and the applicant's age

The visa fee is mandatory and non-refundable. Even if your visa application is rejected at the embassy, you cannot file for a refund.

Besides the visa application fee, you will also have to pay the service charge for consultation and for assistance during the application process.

07 Australia Visa Processing Time Dubai

The visa processing time for Australia visa depends on the type of visa processing services you choose. The standard processing time takes between 15-35 days.

09 What You Need To Know Before Visiting Australia

Australia is vast

Australia is not only a country but also a continent. Are you surprised by this fact? Well, many people get suspeised when they hear this.

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world. The cities in Australia are located far apart. The good things about countries like this is that there is so much to explore.

Even though Australia is a huge country, around 35% of its land is desert. Most of the people live along the coast line. Therefore, you should consider visiting the east coast and avoid interior parts.

Mixed up seasons

The weather season in Australia is not uniform. The southern part experiences different seasons from the northern part.

For instance, you can plan your trip to Sydney between November to April because the weather stays pleasant. However, during that time, the weather in Great Barrier Reef is unfavorable because there will be heavy downpours.

Loads of Natural areas

There are several areas to visit in Australia to see wild animals in their natural habitat filled with greenery.

Informative Signboards

There are signboards with names of trees in most of the places in Australia. Before you leave Australia, you will have learnt names of several trees and fauna.

Beetroot Obsession

Australians include beetroot in almost all their dishes. They love beetroots a lot. Hence, if you don’t like beetroot you should mention it before you place an order in a restaurant.