Get a Bosnia And Herzegovina Visa from Dubai and Make Wonderful Memories

Booming as a magnet for backpackers with breathtaking mountainscapes offering skiing, cascading waterfalls with rafting opportunities, dilapidated medieval castles and the modest warmth of the locals, the Bosnia and Herzegovina visa from UAE will help you step foot on this magnificent land. Continue reading this blog and you will find out more essential information about the procedures, processing duration, visa requirements and so much more.

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On-arrival or pre-arrival visa

The deciding factor of your eligibility for an on-arrival visa is the passport you hold and its country of origin. Read the list of countries mentioned below to check if you are eligible for an ‘on-arrival visa’ or you will have to apply for a ‘pre-arrival visa’. If your passport’s originating country is in the list below then you are eligible for an ‘on-arrival visa’.

90 Days on-arrival Visa

If your passport belongs to any of the countries listed below then you are eligible for a 90 day stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The on-arrival visa will be stamped at the airport or any other ports of entry in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The countries are:

Albania All European Citizens Andorra
Antigua & Barbuda Argentina Australia
Bahamas Bahrain Barbados
Brazil Brunei Canada
Chile China Colombia
Costa Rica Dominica El Salvador
Georgia Grenada Guatemala
Holy See Honduras Hong Kong
Israel Japan Kiribati
Kuwait Liechtenstein Macau
Macedonia Malaysia Marshall Islands
Mauritius Mexico Micronesia
Moldova Monaco Montenegro
New Zealand Nicaragua Oman
Palau Panama Paraguay
Peru Qatar Saint Kitts & Nevis
Samoa San Marino Serbia
Seychelles Singapore Solomon Islands
South Korea St Vincent & Grenadines Taiwan
Timor-Leste Tonga Trinidad & Tobago
Turkey Tuvalu United Arab Emirates
United States Uruguay Vanuatu

30 Days On-arrival Visa

If your passport belongs to the countries listed below then you are eligible for a 30 day on- arrival visa in Bosnia and Herzegovina which will be stamped upon entry.

Russia Ukraine

Pre-arrival Visa

If your country is not listed under the 90 day on-arrival or 30 day on-arrival country list, then you must apply for a pre-arrival Bosnia and Herzegovina visa from UAE.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Pre-arrival visa price

The price of a pre-arrival Bosnia and Herzegovina visa from UAE is entirely dependent on the age of the applicant and the visa type they are applying for. This results in a slight difference of price for every individual.

The Bosnia and Herzegovina visa fee must be paid to obtain the visa and will not be refunded even in the case of rejection. Additionally, Arooha also charges a fee of 200 AED for assistance throughout the visa procedure.

Supporting Documents

The necessary documents for a successful Bosnia and Herzegovina Visa application from UAE are:


Fully-filled application form signed by applicant

Residence Visa

Residence visa with minimum validity of 3 months from date of scheduled return

Passport Photos

2 passport size, photographs in white background

Original Passport

Original Passport with 2 (minimum) blank pages (the passport should not be 10 years older and must have a validity of minimum 6 months from the date of scheduled return)

Original NOC letter from company

the letter should mention the individual’s designation, monthly salary, employment start date and a no objection statement with the original company stamp

Valid Emirates ID

Bank Statement

6 months bank statements (original or stamped by bank)

Hotel Reservation

Confirmed hotel reservation

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance covering the duration of travel

Flight Ticket

Confirmed return Flight ticket

Procedure and Processing Duration

What is the processing duration for a Bosnia and Herzegovina visa from UAE?

The processing of visa will take anywhere between 05 and 07 working days.

What is the procedure for a Bosnia and Herzegovina visa from UAE?


Submit the supporting documents and make the payment of visa fee and assistance fee to Arooha.


Supporting documents will be thoroughly checked and the visa application form will be typed.


Visit the Bosnia and Herzegovina embassy with an appointment to submit all supporting documents and perform biometric tests.


Visa processing in embassy can take from 5 to 7 working days.


Passport can be collected after the visa has been stamped.

Things to do in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Visit the picturesque city of Mostar
Mostar is home to one of the most popular attractions of the country that has been listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, the Stari Most (Old bridge in English). Situated in the old town of Mostar the original bridge was built 427 years ago and destroyed in November 1993 by Croat forces. The current bridge was rebuilt to its exact specifications and opened in 2004. Built over a stunning turquoise river, the bridge is also the place for bridge diving, an annual event that is very popular. Whether you visit during day or night the only feature that changes of this charming city is its ambience. The entire old town is a good specimen of Islamic architecture that was prevalent during the Ottoman rule. Tour through the city’s cobblestone roads, shop at Turkish-inspired bazaars and climb a minaret to grab the best views in the entire city with nature, mountains and splendid architecture in one frame.

Bask in the Bosnian beach
Being the only coastal town in the entire country hasn't made Neum into an expensive beach resort. In fact, everything is rather affordable and its location near the sea makes it one of the best places to eat delicious seafood dishes. The stretch of sea near Neum is the only thing dividing Bosnia and Herzegovina from Croatia. A cruise or boat trip will let you see some of the picturesque islands that dot the coast.

Observe the Yellow fortress at sunset
Bosnia’s main city, Sarajevo, promises the best sunset scenes in the country. Climb up a hill, the higher the better and find a nice spot to sit down and drink in the beautiful views. A prominent landmark will be the captivating Yellow fortress that is perched on top of a hill. Wait for sunset time and you will see a magnificent view that is worthy of being published in a travel mag.

Trek the countryside and mountainside
Undulating landscapes in far flung villages offer some of the best hiking and trekking trips. Make sure to stick to known paths as landmines still pose a risk. The Bjelasnica mountain offers rafting and hiking while the hills in the outskirts of Sarajevo is home to the ruins of the bobsled track that was used in the 1984 Winter Olympics. The countryside is also filled with wild herbs that fill the air with fragrant smells making the hike exciting for herb collectors too.

Chill off at Kravice Falls
A few kilometers south of Mostar is one of Bosnia’s most picturesque waterfalls. Cascading through verdant hills into pools of water surrounded by lush greenery, the air around is cool. Visiting during spring will let you view some spectacular landscapes and visiting it during summer will let you swim to the base of the falls.

Frequently asked Questions

How long will my visa process take?

After the documents have been submitted to the embassy it may take between 2 to 7 working days for short nationalities and 10 to 15 days for long nationalities.

Do children below the age of 18 need to travel with parents?

Yes, children who are less than 18 years of age must travel with their parents or elders. However, if the child has a NOC letter from both parents in which they approve of the child travelling without them, the child can travel. This must be attached to the passport copy and submitted with the child’s visa application to the Embassy.

Can the visa fee be refunded in case of rejection?

No, the visa fee is non-refundable in the situation of rejection because granting the visa is solely on the discretion of the Bosnian embassy.

What if visa got delayed due to embassy?

You can call the embassy number listed in the receipt you got when submitting your visa documents and enquire if they need any additional documents.

Is insurance a compulsory requirement to get a Bosnia and Herzegovina Visa?

Yes, travel insurance is compulsory as it is a major safety measure to cover any costs in case of any natural disasters or sudden injuries that may occur during your trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Is Hotel booking required?

Yes, a confirmed hotel reservation is one of the major criteria for a visa application, without which your visa will not be processed.