Book a South Africa Visa from Dubai with a Reputed Travel Agency

Visiting South Africa is in everybody’s wish-list. But, how many are really able to Visit South Africa? Let’s give it a thought… Let’s make it happen!!! Read the below useful details about Visa requirements to South Africa from Dubai. Then, if needed don’t think twice to dial Arooha. The benchmark is your passport and which country it belongs to. This is the predominant fact that decides whether you need "Pre-arrival visa" or "On arrival visa" South Africa.

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First Step

Check out if your passport belongs to any of the countries listed below:

If so you are eligible to get On – Arrival visa to South Africa and Stay up to 90 days

Passport Holders Who Are Exempt From South Africa (Subject To Change Without Notice)

The citizen who is a holder of a national passport (diplomatic, official and ordinary) of the foreign countries / territories / international organizations listed below are not required to hold a visa when approached by an immigration officer at any South African port of entry .

1. The holder of a national South African passport, travel document and document for travel purposes.

2. 90 day stay

A holder of the national passports(diplomatic, official or ordinary) of the below mentioned countries / territories / international organizations is not required to carry a visa as they will be issued one upon entry at any Of The south African entry ports. These holders are allowed a 90 day stay or transit.

African Union Laissez Passer Andorra Argentina
Australia Austria Argentina
Canada Chile (only ordinary passport holders) Czech Republic
Denmark Ecuador Finland
France Germany (except in diplomatic staff due to assume duty at the Embassy and Consulates of Germany in SA)
Greece Iceland Ireland
Israel Italy Jamaica
Japan Liechtenstein Luxemburg
Malta Monaco Namibia (only ordinary passport holders 90 days per annum)
Netherlands Norway Panama
Paraguay Portugal Russian Federation
San Marino Singapore Spain
St Vincent & the Grenadines Sweden Switzerland
Tanzania (90 days per annum) Trinidad & Tobago (only ordinary passport holders) Isle of Man
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (only ordinary passport holders)
British Islands Bailiwick of Guernsey and Jersey
Oversees Territories namely:
Anguilla Bermuda British Antarctic Territory
British Indian Ocean Territory British Virgin Islands Cayman Islands
Falkland Islands Gibraltar Montserrat
St Helena and Dependencies (Ascension Island, Gough Island and Tristan da Cunha)
Pitcairn Henderson Ducie and Oeno Islands
the Sovereign Base Areas of Cyprus South Georgia South Sandwich Islands
The Turks Caicos Island Uruguay
United States of America (except in respect of diplomatic staff due to assume duty at the Embassy and Consulates of the USA in SA, as well as service passport holders)
Venezuela Zambia (90 days per annum) Zimbabwe

3. 30 day stay

The citizen who holds a passport(diplomatic, official and ordinary) of any countries / territories / international organizations stated below is not required to carry a visa in as they will receive an on-arrival visa with a permitted stay of 30 days or less and when in transit upon entry through any of south Africa’s ports of entry.

Antigua and Barbuda Barbados Belize
Bahamas (only ordinary passport holders) Benin Bolivia
Cape Verde Costa Rica Cyprus
Gabon Guyana Hungary
Hong Kong [only with regard to holders of Hong Kong British National Overseas passports and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region passports]
Jordan Lesotho Malaysia
Macau [only with regard to holders of Macau Special Administrative Region passports (MSAR)]
Malawi Maldives Mauritius
Mozambique Peru Poland
Seychelles South Korea Swaziland
Thailand Turkey

4. Agreements have also been concluded with the following countries for holders of diplomatic and official passport holders.

Citizens who are holders of diplomatic, official and service passports of the following countries do not require visas in respect of purposes for which a port of entry visa may be issued or by virtue of being a person contemplated in section 31(3)(b) [accredited in SA] for the period indicated and transit:

Albania (120 days) Algeria (30 days) Angola (90 days)
Belarus (90 days) Benelux states (90 days) Bulgaria (90 days)
China (PROC) (30 days) Cyprus (90 days) Comoros (90 days)
Croatia (90 days) Cuba (90 days) Egypt (30 days)
Ghana (90 days) Hungary (120 days) India (90 days)
Guinea (90 days) Indonesia (30 days) Ivory Coast (Cote d’Ivoire) (30 days)
Kenya (30 days) Mexico (90 days) Madagascar (30 days)
Morocco (30 days) Mozambique (90 days) Namibia (30 days)
Nigeria (90 days) Paraguay (120 days) Poland (90 days)
Romania (90 days) Rwanda (30 days) Senegal (90 days)
Slovak Republic (90 days) Thailand (90 days) Vietnam (90 days)
unisia (90 days) (also special passports)

5. Notwithstanding this Schedule, a foreigner whose visa exemption has been withdrawn shall comply with the visa requirements until notified by the Department that his or her visa exemption has been reinstated by the Department on petition or of its own accord.

6. South African work visas aren't required by commercial heavy vehicle drivers if they have been employed by a South African company and are eligible for visa-free entry to the country. However, they should be able to produce a letter confirming their employment on entry.

As per the High court Ruling (North Gauteng High Court), foreign commercial heavy vehicle drivers can be employed with visitors visa as per the Immigration act’s section 11(1)(a) with the approval to perform work in terms of section 11(2) of the said Act for the duration of their visa exemption, which should not exceed 90 days at a time.

7. Port of entry visas are not required by foreign employed commercial heavy-duty vehicle drivers from Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi who are entering the Republic, provided their visits do not exceed the period of their visa exemption and on condition that they can produce a letter confirming their employment with a transport company abroad on entry. Visitor’s visas in terms of section 11(1)(a) of the Immigration Act, with authorisation to conduct work in terms of section 11(2) of the said Act for the period of their visa exemption, which period may not exceed 90 days at a time

8. Staff members of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) who travel on SADC laissezpassers are exempt from visa requirements for bona fide official business visits up to 90 days and transit.

9. The below mentioned categories of the UN, their spouses, dependents and other members of the households are exempt from any visa requirements when visiting the country for a duration not exceeding 90 days for purposes for which an entry visa may be issued, for official business purposes, transits and when accredited for placement at a UN mission in South Africa.

  • Accreditation, provided they are in possession of the relevant letters or identification documents to identify themselves at ports of entry as personnel of an UN agency.
  • Holders of United Nations Laissez-passers Volunteers attached to the UN Persons involved in any United Nations agency Persons performing services on behalf of the UN

10. Members of military forces attending any military related matters with the South African National Defense Force are exempt from visa and study visa requirements; irrespective of their duration of stay. However, they should have with them letters of invitation from the SANDF and letters of approval from the military force of which they are members.

11. With effect from 18 December 2015 travellers ( with the exception of deportees) who transit through O R Tambo International Airport, Cape Town International Airport, King Shaka International Airport and Lanseria International Airport do not require transit visas as contemplated in section 10B(4)(a) of the Immigration Act, 2002 (Act No 13 of 2002). However, transiting passengers will have to go through biometric procedures.

Deportees transiting through any port of entry should hold a transit visa and must be escorted.

Countries that need to obtain visa

Any countries not mentioned above need to obtain a visa for South Africa.

Quick Guide to get South Africa – Visit Visa

Visa type – Short term visa

Tourist Visa


Business Visa


Transit visa

Airport transit

Cultural/ Sport/ Researching

South Africa Visa Prices From Dubai

There is a mandatory non- refundable visa fee that you need to pay when you are South Africa visa. Depending on your Age and Type of visa you want to apply, there might be some exceptions in visa prices. However, the total cost includes the visa application fee and AED 200 as a service charge for Arooha.

Required documents for South Africa visa from Dubai

Completed Visa application

Form (DHA-84) Form 11 in BLACK ink only

Residence Visa

with a validity of 03 months from the date of return.


Proof of hotel booking (provisional or confirmed)

Two recent colored photograph

Must be a clear copy, high-resolution, white background and not older than 6 months. Passport size : 4.5cm×3.5cm in width. Close up of your head and top of your shoulder so that the face takes 80% of the photograph.


The passport must be valid for 30 days or more from the date of departure from South Africa, and copies of entry and exit seal/stamps of previously obtained visas, if any. 02 blank pages, not older than 10 years. Non-machine readable and manually extended passports are NOT acceptable.

For applicants MARRIED to a SOUTH AFRICAN

the following additional documents are required: Copy of Marriage certificate, Copy of South African ID or South African passport of the spouse.

NOC Letter from Employer

The letter from the UAE Company must be original. (E- signature will NOT be accepted). The letter must confirm the travel dates (Start and End date), exact purpose of travel and financial undertaking. It must be originally signed (with the signatory name and designation) and stamped. The date on the letter must not be more than a month at the time of submission of application. It must have the company’s full contact details (i.e. physical address and telephone/fax numbers, email/website). If the applicant is the owner or partner of the company, a copy of the trade license is required. Applicants under the sponsorship of a husband/father/mother/wife/employer visa*** Typed and originally signed Sponsorship letter (issued by the sponsor***, it must confirm the travel dates, exact purpose of travel, relationship, details of the applicant, and financial undertaking). Sponsor’s residential address in the UAE and contacts details must be indicated in the letter. The financial undertaking from the sponsor is required, ONLY IF, the applicant itself could not provide his/her personal bank statement (e.g. minor, unemployed, student, housemaid, etc.). All bank statements must be originally stamped by the bank. Passport and UAE visa copy of the sponsor.

Unabridged birth certificate for all MINORS (below the age of 18)

AFFIDAVIT OR PARENTAL CONSENT. For minors travelling with both the parents, the following documents are required: Original child’s birth certificate to be presented at the time of the submission. However only a copy is required to be attached to the visa application. Copy of parent’s passport and UAE residency.

Air Ticket

Proof of Air tickets (provisional or confirmed). Proof of Domestic flight/s is also required, if the applicant is travelling from one city to another.

Medical Cover / Travel Insurance

Copy of the insurance card. Copy of the insurance policy or letter of certification from the service provider for the “Proof of Coverage”. The insurance coverage/geographical scope must indicate that the insurance covers “WORLDWIDE” or including South Africa)

Proof of financial means / Bank Statements

Applicant’s up to date three (3) months banks statement. ONLY bank statements issued by a bank “in the UAE” are acceptable. The bank statement must be originally stamped by the bank and must have a minimum balance of not less than AED 3000. Original bank statements received by post OR printed copies from online internet banking (which must be stamped by the bank) will be accepted.

Yellow fever certificate

A yellow fever certificate is required if the applicant has been in a yellow fever zone in the past one year, and if the applicant is transiting for more than 12 hours through a yellow fever endemic zone.
Kindly note: For applicants who do not have a Yellow Fever vaccination certificate and who have traveled to yellow fever zones kindly administer the vaccine at least 10 days before traveling to South Africa. Applicants who are going straight/directly to South Africa from Dubai and has NOT been in a Yellow fever zone in the past one year are “NOT” required fulfill/submit a yellow fever certificate Or any other additional health requirement.

South Africa visa processing

DurationThe processing time for the visas vary from 05 working days up-to 10 working days



Provide the relevant documents and payment


Preliminary checking and advices


Type application and prepare relevant documents


Examine the application thoroughly by the visa consultant


Appointment with South African embassy to submit your documents


Phase of Visa Application process


Passport collection


Visa- ready notification

Tips before travelling to South Africa

A new spot for selfies
You maybe under the impression that the Cape of good hope is the most southern end of the cape peninsula. That's about to change. Cape Agulhas is situated roughly 109 miles southeast of Cape Town. If you visit it definitely take a customary selfie.

A well-developed destination
In our mind’s eye South Africa is an under developed country that is famous for its various safari options. You have got the picture all wrong! South Africa is well-developed and has everything from luxurious hotels to fine dining restaurants, malls, farmers markets and museums all linked by week carved out roads. No,wild animals don't roam about freely in the city streets. Head to the villages that border the reserves and national parks and you might encounter cases of predators stalking cattle and all but never when you are in the city. So fret not

Take proper safety precautions.
Safety is an important factor to consider if you are travelling for the first time to South Africa. Tourists are a major target of petty thefts but that too can be avoided by certain right measures. Do not wear any form of blingy jewelery, use your smartphone (even for games) and iPod (no listening music, either) while in public, leave your bag or smartphone unattended on a table or chair at restaurants and don't go out alone at night time. Although South Africa is regarded as a dangerous destination because of its high murder rates, these tend to occur only in areas where tourist activities do not happen.

A good exchange rate
If you use the USD, Euro or Pound usually, you will find that South Africa has a price range that is affordable. Local beers cost a dollar or less, local wine costs roughly 20 USD, a three-course meal with refreshments at a high-end restaurant will come within 40 USD per person and hotels cost a fraction of what they charge in majority of the US cities. The beat part, for around 7 USD (roughly 100 Rand) you can shop some souvenirs, handmade home decor and even some copper jewelery.

Have a bigger budget for safaris
Hotels and all other expenses are a bang for your buck in South Africa. Unfortunately, when it comes to a Safari you need to expand your purse a bit. If you are going on a budget safari you won't get a cozy bed or an experienced guide. In the off season you can get a good safari from a well-reputed spot for roughly 400 USD which include bed, meals, sighting opportunities, an experienced ranger and service.

Use Uber for transport and follow these tips Rather than using cabs that are meter-less and overcharge tourist, use Uber. Female travelers visiting South Africa alone should not go alone at night. If you are opting for a car rental make sure to take full insurance coverage and don't leave anything valuable in the vehicle ( put it in the trunk if you require). Don't steer off on the unlimited routes and be alert of high speeding. South Africans drive on the left.

Frequently asked Questions

How many days will my visa process take?

Once the application is submitted the process takes anywhere between 07 – 15 days for short nationalities.

Do children below the age of 18 need to be accompanied by parents?

Yes, children below the age of 18 years need to be accompanied by their parents or elders. With a NOC letter from both parents stating that they have no issues for the travel. Attaching the passport copies to the child’s application. Need a copy of their birth certificate as well.

What if my passport is older than and 10 years, can I still apply for a visa?

No, you will not be able to apply for a Turkish visa with a passport which is older than 10 years as the embassy will not be able to enter it in their systems.

Is the visa fee refunded in case of rejection?

No, the visa fee is non-refundable in case of rejection as granting the visa is purely on the discretion of the embassy.

What if visa got delayed due to embassy?

You will receive a receipt which has the embassy number you can call and check if they need any additional documents..

Is insurance mandatory to get visa?

Yes, travel insurance is mandatory as it is for your own safety. If you get injured or any natural calamity occurs during your trip your insurance covers you for the above.

Can my visa be extended in India if I have to stay longer than required?

If the visa type is Entry, Employment or Student's visa, it can be extended by the FRRO after certain checks. Tourist Visa is non-extendable.

Hotel booking is required?

Yes, hotel booking is one of the main criteria for a visa application. Without which your visa will not be processed.

Who decides if I will get a visa?

Your visa application is perused by the Consul General of South Africa in UAE. The approval or rejection Of The visa is decided by him. Arooha does not play any part in or influence the outcome of your visa application.