Srinlanka Winter Tour
Srinlanka Winter Tour (5D- 4N)

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Srinlanka Winter Tour
Srinlanka Winter Tour(4D-3N)

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Srinlanka Winter Tour(5D-4N)
Srinlanka Winter Tour
AED 2599
Srinlanka Winter Tour(4N-3D)
Srinlanka Winter Tour
AED 1790
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Sri Lanka holiday packages from Dubai

Sri Lanka is among the top destination for Dubai residences. The island is located in the Indian Ocean, and you can visit this island to explore ancient ruins, relax on the beautiful shorelines, taker tours to see wildlife, go hiking, and much more.

Sri Lank stands as an ideal place for a holiday from Dubai, and here you get to learn a few things about Sri Lank as you prepare your tour.

Visa requirements for Dubai residents and locals to Sri Lanka

If you are a UAE passport holder and traveling to Sri Lanka, you don't have to worry about a visa as you can easily apply through the ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) online via the Sri Lanka government site. The visa you get allows you to stay up to 30 days.

During application, there are several regulations you ought to meet for the visa to be processed. The whole process is online, and no document will be required from your side. After completing the process, you'll receive an electronic visa via e-mail.

As an Emirate, you can also get a Sri Lanka visa on arrival at the point of entry. However, the whole process is tiresome. So the best option is to get the visa in advance.

The climate in Sri Lanka

The climate in Sri Lank is tropical due to its location. The island experiences two seasons. As this country is an Island, different parts experience different climates.

The climate generally is determined by the winds. From May to October, the winds come from the west, While from December to March, the winds come from, North-East. From June to September and December to February, wind speeds increase on land surfaces. Wind speeds are great in the island's south-eastern and north-western ends, as well as in mountain passes.

The island of Sri Lanka is humid, with a relative humidity of above 65 percent most of the time. In the rainy seasons, it can reach 90% along the beaches. There are dry desiccating effects in the windier months due to mountain influences, and humidity lowers in the eastern region from June to September. On the western mountain slopes, the desiccating impact is weaker.

When is the best time to visit Sri Lanka?

The best time to visit Sri Lank depends on where you will be touring. If you will be touring the east and north coasts, the best time to visit Sri Lanka is from April/May to September.

From May to August, few people visit Sri Lank as there is Yala rain. However, the weather during this season is ideal if you are touring north and east of Sri Lanka. During this season there are few people and cost is low thus the best time to visit Sri Lanka.

The weather is favorable from December to March in all parts of Sri Lank; thus, many people flock to this island. It is the best time to visit Sri Lank, but the prices are up, and crowds will be.

How to get around Sri Lanka

There are several means to get around in Sri Lank, depending on your preference and budget. Here are all the available options you can use to get around Sri Lanka.


One of the means you can use to get around Sri Lank is the bus. There are public and proven buses that can board various towns in Sri Lank. The public buses are crowded, but the cost is cheap.

The private buses are more comfortable, but the cost is high. There are also air-con buses, but they are available on a few routes.

Car hire

If you’re on budget, you can hire a car and driver and get you around where you want to go. It is one of the efficient ways to get around Sri Lanka. The drivers know the routes well and can help you get there without hassle.

By train

Another way of getting around in Sri Lanka is the train. Today, Sri Lanka's train network has been renovated from a delightfully old but largely ineffective relic of a bygone period to a comfortable and, on some lines, refreshingly rapid mode of transportation.

Many classic rust-red colonial carriages are still in operation, and trains on the beautiful hill-country line are still as slow as ever.

By air

Domestic air services offer a quick alternative to long road or rail journeys, and they're noteworthy in their own right, with frequently stunning views of the island from above.

Cinnamon Air, the principal operator, has daily scheduled flights from Katunayake International Airport to Koggala, Dickwella, Weerawila (near Tissamaharama), Kandy Castlereagh (near Adam's Peak), Sigiriya, Batticaloa, and Trincomalee.

The flights aren't especially inexpensive, but they are breathtakingly beautiful. You'll also take off and land on the water on numerous routes, adding an extra layer of excitement.


The best and most pleasurable method to visit historic regions like Anuradhapura and Sigiriya is to cycle around them. Bikes are also a great method to get around the North and East on the less-traveled roads typical of these areas.


One of Sri Lanka's most recognizable sights is the lines of motorized rickshaws that ride the streets of every city, town, and village. Rickshaws are the most common mode of short-distance transit in Sri Lanka, especially within towns.

The vehicles are mostly Bajaj rickshaws built in India, frequently adorned with colorful fluorescent stickers, figurines, plastic flowers, and other ornamental or talismanic items.

Where to stay Sri Lanka

Here is the best place to stay in Sri Lanka. Whether you love to stay near the beach or away from the city, the options areavailable for you.

Amanwella resort

Amanwella is a world-class resort in Sri Lanka, located near the fishing town of Tangalle. The resort lies in 37 acres of coconut trees adjacent to a lovely crescent of golden sand, and you'll enjoy the scenery.

Guest rooms are inspired by the work of renowned Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa, with modernist lines and indigenous materials; bathed with light, they each open on two sides to private plunge pools and huge terraces overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Away from the palm-fringed private beach club and Olympic-sized pool, the area's numerous attractions – from tea farms to treks and temple visits – reflect Sri Lanka at its most genuine. The world's most exclusive hotel brand, Aman, manages Amanwella.

Amangalla Hotel

Amangalla hotel, which was once a Dutch colonial building, is among the best hotels in Sri Lanka.

The building's original polished teak floors, antique furnishings, and 19th-century relics from its previous existence as the New Oriental Hotel have been carefully preserved, providing visitors with an atmospheric view into the many chapters of the fabled fortress on Amangalla's doorstep.

The 28 rooms and suites feature kingsize four-poster antique beds, freestanding bathtubs, and a sitting area with a writing desk and dining table, all of which have been lovingly restored and brought to life with vintage furnishings and decorations. Aman, the world's most exclusive hotel brand, manages Amangalla.

Wild coast tented lodge

Located near the Yala National Park is Wild Coast Tented Lodge is a luxury tented camp set in a breathtaking spot where the jungle meets the pristine shoreline. The views from the lodge are amazing, coming from the Indian Ocean's azure waters.

Due to the use of carefully selected natural materials, the lodge's 28 tented cabins fit effortlessly into the surrounding scenery. The layout, shaped like a leopard's paw print, pays homage to the area's most renowned resident.

The resort's wonderful free-form swimming pool is surrounded by an open-air bamboo-clad dining pavilion, which was created to replicate the stones scattered across the golden beach beyond.

Anantara peace haven tangalle

Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort is nestled amidst a coconut plantation fronting a golden crescent beach on a rocky outcrop along with a remote piece of Sri Lanka's southernmost coastline.

The resort, which boasts breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean, provides a naturally secluded refuge for exotic beach life in a serene world of your own, as well as playing out adventure fantasies with easy access to cultural attractions, national parks, and whale watching.

The 152 rooms and pool villas are inspired by historical Sri Lankan design and Anantara's sense of indulgence and provide adequate space for families and friends. In addition, there's a kids' and teen's club, a wonderful spa, and numerous eating options, one of which serves Sri Lankan-inspired teppanyaki right on the beach.

Hangri-la hotel colombo

The Shangri-La Hotel Colombo is located in a fantastic spot seafront position in the center of Colombo's business sector and a thriving social scene.

There are 500 magnificent guest rooms and suites and 41 serviced apartments. If you want to stay away from the city, this is the hotel to stay in Sri Lanka.

The hotel's superb array of restaurants and bars has spawned an exciting new eating and social scene, and the private Horizon Club Lounge is the largest of its kind in Colombo.

The award-winning CHI, The Spa at Shangri-La, offers seven private rooms with a relaxing menu of traditional Sri Lankan and Asian treatments and therapies. A state-of-the-art 24-hour fitness club and one of Colombo's largest outdoor swimming pools complement the spa.

Best things to do in Sri Lanka

The following are some of the best things you can do in Sri Lanka. So if you love to explore nature, there are fantastic places in Sri Lank, or you want to relax, there are beaches for you.

TourArugam Baybeaches

On Sri Lanka's parched south-east coast, the beach at Arugam Bay is the stuff of Bounty adverts: sugar-soft beaches, coconut trees, and complete seclusion save for the whoops and whooshes of surfers surfing the point.

The area quickly became the global highest surf destination before the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami. With the exception of a few clever sun-seekers, you'll have the double curve of the beach and its coconut palm-covered point to yourself for the time being.

Take a hike up Little Adams Peak.

Ella is a popular trekking destination in Sri Lanka's mountainous terrain. Ella is famed for its tea plantations and magnificent mountain ranges, and the views from hikes in the area are spectacular.

Little Adam's Peak is the ideal hike if you want to see some of the nicest vistas without having to hike for hours, especially for an incredible sunset. If you enjoy trekking, this is one of the best things to do in Sri Lanka!

As it goes past tea plantations, the route begins with a modest ascent. It will take you to an elevation of 1141 meters above sea level, even though you will only be hiking a few hundred meters because you are already at a high elevation.

The walk is well-marked the entire way to the first set of vistas, with well-kept roads and stairs. Once you reach the summit of Little Adam's Peak, numerous platforms, rocks, and viewpoints are ideal for taking photographs.

Explore tea plantations

Sri Lanka is well-known for its tea production. But, if you've never seen how tea is grown, the cultural triangle's mountainous region is a good place to start. You'll be able to witness how tea is cultivated and even learn how to pluck while you're there.

It's not only a terrific site to sample the world's freshest and cheapest tea, but the vistas are also breathtaking. There are many areas in Sri Lanka to explore tea farms, with Ella, NuwaraEliya, and Haputale being among the most famous.

Tour the Udawalawe National Park.

You should go on a safari via Udawalawe National Park if you want to see a lot of elephants. Udawalawe is home to one of Sri Lanka's densest elephant populations. As a result, many distinct elephants may be seen on practically every safari in the park.

I must have seen over 20 elephants on my safari through Udawalawe, including two babies with their mother. In addition, I saw monkeys, water buffalo, lizards, crocodiles, and peacocks, in addition to elephants.

Explore untouched islands

You can choose to tour several parts of Sri Lank where most tourists don't bother to explore. For example, a trip to Sri Lanka’s northernmost tip will explore untouched places.

The greatest of these places is sleepy Neduntivu (also known as 'Neduntheevu' and known to the Dutch as Delft), home to about 4,500 inhabitants and herds of wild horses.

With the exception of a few hotels and guesthouses, the trip is short but difficult, and once you reach the islands, there isn't much to see or do. However, life moves slowly here, and the people are nice.

There's nothing left to do but rest once you've seen the Dutch fort made of coral and the gigantic baobab tree, which is said to be over 1,000 years old.