Swiss and French Summer tour
Swiss and French Summer Tour (8D/7N )

AED 7990

Switzerland  Summer tour
Switzerland Summer Tour (4D/3N )

AED 3399

Swiss and Italy Summer tour
Swiss and Italy Summer Tour (8D/7N )

AED 7699

Switzerland  Spring tour
Switzerland Spring Tour (4D/3N )

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Swiss and paris winter tour
Swiss and French winter Tour (8D/7N )

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Swiss and paris winter tour
Swiss and France winter Tour (7D/6N )

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Swiss and French Summer Tour (8D/7N )
Swiss and French Summer tour
AED 7990
Swiss and Italy Summer Tour (8D/7N )
Swiss and Italy Summer tour
AED 7699
Switzerland Summer Tour (4D/3N )
Switzerland Summer tour
AED 3399
Swiss and France Spring Tour (4D/3N )
Swiss and France Spring tour
AED 6499
Swiss and French winter Tour (8D/7N )
Swiss and paris winter tour
AED 5590
Swiss and Framce winter Tour (7D/6N )
Swiss and paris winter tour
AED 5590
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Switzerland tour package from Dubai

Switzerland breathtaking mountain landscapes sceneries, quaint villages;thrilling ski resorts, lakes, and lush Rolling Meadowsare some of the reason why it has stood out to be a tour destination for Dubai residence.

Furthermore, the range of sites to view in Switzerland is astounding, ranging from massive glaciers, epic mountain peaks, and untamed rivers to bustling cities, world-class museums, and gorgeous train excursions.

Visa requirements for Dubai residents and locals to Switzerland

Switzerland is categorized as Visa-free for Dubai residents or any UAE passport holder. All you need is to have your traveling document, most important UAE passport, and point of entry will be allowed to stay in Switzerland for up to 180 days.

Climate in Switzerland

Switzerland has four climate zones; thus, the climate varies from one region to another. In the highest part, the climate can be described as Alpine, while the temperate continental is lower. Finally, the central/medium climate part is described as a cold continental climate.

For further understanding of Switzerland's climate, let look at the seasons. There are four seasons in Switzerland, and the climate is different in each season. For example, the weather is cold and snowy during the winter season.

Even though temperatures at the lowlands can get low, there isn't much snow for the ski activities which dominate these areas. So nowadays, the resorts opt for artificial snow for ski activities, even during winter.

The spring, which starts from March to May, is when the trees blossom. Occasionally, winter may return in April, but there may be summer conditions for a short period and from mays.

The summer season is when there is sun and temperatures can get high as 25 to 30°C. From September to November, the weather is perfect when the fruit ripens in the autumn season.

When is the best time to visit Switzerland?

The best time to visit Switzerland from April to October. The weather is ideal for touring most parts of the country. However, if you would like to do skiing among the activities you would like to do in Switzerland, then winter is the best time for you.

You can also visit Switzerland during the spring season as the weather is cool, but it depends where you'll be touring. But During the summer season, June, July, and August, the temperatures are favorable, and it is when many visitors visit Switzerland for various activities like visiting the lake shores.

How to get around Switzerland

There are several means to get around Switzerland. Below are the best options available, and your choice depends on preference, where you are going, and budget.


The trains in Switzerland are modern, efficient, environmentally friendly, and comfortable means to get around the country. You get to enjoy beautiful views that keep you riveted to the window for the entire voyage — rain or shine, summer or winter.

Regularly scheduled services (typically sail the same routes as the tourist trains) can be just as pleasurable and substantially cheaper than the renowned panorama tourist trains.


If you're not in a hurry, the bright yellow postal buses in Switzerland might be a delightful way to get to the distant mountain regions. The PostBus service throughout the country is timed to coincide with train arrivals, and bus stops are conveniently positioned near railway stations.

Only one class of travel is available, and rates are equivalent to train fares. National travel cards are usable in Switzerland, but there is a premium on a few tourist-oriented Alpine routes.

Tickets are purchased from the driver, albeit reservations are required on some picturesque Alps routes (for example, the Lugano to St Moritz run).

Car Hire

The majority of North American rental agencies have offices in Switzerland's major cities. If you make these preparations before leaving for Europe, you'll save a lot of money. If you can drive a stick shift instead of an automatic, you'll save a lot of cash.

You have to be a minimum of 20 years old to rent a car in Switzerland; if you are under 25, expect to pay a higher fee. All you'll need is your North American driver's license, but if you plan on driving into adjacent nations, you'll also need an international driver's license. These are affordable and may be purchased before leaving your AAA office.

Cable Cars and Funiculars

Funiculars and cable cars are as common in the hilly regions in Switzerland. They transport children to and from school daily and products and services. It is the best means if you would like to get to the highest peaks and don't want to climb.Funicular stations aren't often close to railway stations, but they're just as clean and on time.

In the steep mountain communities, such as the Lavaux wine area, St. Moritz, and Lucerne, about 50 funiculars are offering the services.


Hitchhiking is another way to get around Switzerland, even though it is illegal to hitchhike on highways (but legal at gas stations). It's typical in mountainous and rural locations where public transportation isn't as accessible.

Where to stay Switzerland

Here are the best hotels you can stay in Switzerland. You'll be offered world-class services and also stay in luxurious rooms.

Buergenstock hotel

Buergenstock hotel is one of the best hotels in Switzerland. This hotel has a rich history, which became a famous place to stay in Switzerland. For example, it is at this hotel where Audrey Hepburn married Charlie Chaplin, and most of the time, they stayed at this hotel.

In 2017, the hotel was renovated and today features ultra-luxe Buergenstock Hotel & Alpine Spa and well-designed floor-to-ceiling windows.

You’ll enjoy your stay at this resort and can stay at any of the four hotels, choose to dine at any of the eight restaurants and later enjoy a serene spa.

The Chedi Andermatt

The hotel is located in the shadows of the Gemsstock, about 1500 meters above sea level, and visitors may take the dedicated ski bus from the hotel's entrance to the mountain's gondola in only a few minutes.

It is among the best hotel in Switzerland where you may book a stay and enjoy a taste of Asia in the Alps is the Chedi Andermatt. The hotel's Modern wood paneling, paper lanterns, Balinese art, ski prints, and open fire pits are amazing.

Authentic Japanese food is served alongside Swiss delicacies at the hotel's Michelin-starred restaurant. Later, you can relax by the pool or the spa. The rooms are luxurious, featuring Hästens boxspring beds and trendy electric fireplaces.

The Andermatt Chedi

In the Alpine scenery of the Urseren Valley, famous beyond Switzerland for its towering peaks, deep valleys, tumbling waterfalls, and pristine mountain lakes, The Chedi Andermatt Hotel offers an unusual blend of Swiss Alpine flair and Asian Zen.

The hotel's uniqueness captivates and impresses. Glossy Alpine wood, leather sofas, over 200 fireplaces, and large vista windows provide a pleasant and inviting environment in which to spend some time.

The Chedi Andermatt enchants guests with its 123 beautiful rooms and suites, award-winning restaurants and bars, and a unique Spa in Switzerland — an oasis of serenity and relaxation – located 1,447 meters (4747 ft) above sea level.

The Dolder Grand

If you want to get away from the city, book a room at the Dolder Grand, a magnificent hotel in Switzerland. Dolder Grand is a world-class hotel in Zurich, a great place to stay. It's a ten-minute shuttle trip into the heart of the action, which overlooks the lake and is surrounded by woodland.

The lobby features an 11-meter Andy Warhol artwork, majestic columns, and glistening chandeliers. In addition, a tennis court, golf course, ballroom, massive spa, and even an ice rink are all available in the complex throughout the winter months.

Roger Moore, Sofia Loren, Nelson Mandela, and Elizabeth Taylor have all been clients. So when you stay in this hotel, you'll be in good company.

Hotel Les Trois Rois

Hotel Les Trois Rois is another option to stay in Switzerland, located alongside the Rhine River in Basel's lovely Old Town neighborhood. Napoleon, Queen Elizabeth II, and Pablo Picasso are just a few famous people who have stayed at the hotel.

Baroque embellishments, gold, and paintings decorate the guest rooms. The prestigious Cheval Blanc restaurant has received three Michelin stars for its haute cuisine, and there is a beautiful waterfront terrace for beverages and lighter fare. The hotel's cellar, which houses over 800 vintages, has spawned an extensive wine list, among them your favorite!

Best things to do in Switzerland

There are many things to do in Switzerland. Here are the top 5 best things you can’t miss to include in your list.

Hiking in the Alps

Hiking in Switzerland is sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime event. Switzerland has so many stunning paths, dramatic mountain peaks, and quiet, out-of-the-way valleys to explore in such a tiny territory.

Thanks to well-marked paths and numerous lifts and buses in the ski resort regions, it's simple to find your way around. If you plan to stay in a hut for more than a day or two, the Swiss Alpine Club, which operates several huts throughout the country at reasonable rates, is an excellent place to start. There's also an app with 32 hiking routes across the country.

Tour Matterhorn

Matterhorn is the highest peak in Switzerland and stands at 478 meters. It is a famous peak located at the border of Switzerland and Italy.

The first four climbers who tried to get to the peak died as they tried to climb, but today it is safe to climb up. The best time to climb this peak is during the summer season and many tourist flocks here.

The lovely village of Zermattat the base of this towering peak, there is an international resort with horse-drawn carriage excursions, world-class restaurants, quaint chalets and hotels. Motorized vehicles are prohibited in the community to protect the air quality and create a tranquil environment.

During the winter season, the skiers schuss down the slope up to 300 kilometers. In contrast, during the summer season, common activities are swimming, playing tennis, mountain climbing, hiking, biking, and much more outdoor activities. Then, of course, there is also summer glacier skiing.

Explore St. Gallen

St. Gallen is ranked as the 7thlargest city in Switzerland. It has a lot to offer. There are museums, murals, and buildings with beautiful architecture.

The best thing about choosing to explore this city is that many tourists overlook it, but there are fantasticthings to do. In addition, the locals are friendly and have several places to pour.

Among the places to visit include; the Baroque cathedral and the Abbey Library, home to nearly 170,000 documents dated back to 1000 years ago.

Tour Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is another place to visit in Switzerland. It is the largest Alpine lake in Europe and runs from Switzerland to France border and runs to the coast across several cities.

The city of Geneva is nestled amid picturesque snowcapped peaks at the confluence of the Rhône and Lake Geneva. Approximately 62 kilometers from Geneva, there is Lausanne, and you can enjoy beautiful views and the lake

Another place you can explore is the ancient old town, which is lined with charming cafés and boutiques and the spectacular Gothic church. Montreux hosts the world-famous Montreux Jazz Festival in June/July at the foot of the Alps, on Lake Geneva.

Tour National Park of Switzerland

The Swiss National Park, formed in 1914, is the oldest national park in the Alps. It is located in Graubünden, in eastern Switzerland.

It's a natural gateway that spans 170 square kilometers and has 80 kilometers of hiking paths for you to explore to your heart's content. Ibex, chamois, marmots, golden eagles, and bearded cultures are just a few of the park's regular occupants seen from the trails.

The park's conservation has been extremely successful because it is banned from leaving the trails, which is an important regulation to remember.