Have an Exciting Vacation with Arooha's Oman Visa from Dubai Service

If you are planning for a weekend trip to Oman or Musandam, a bit of fore-planning is now necessary. You will no longer be able to get a visa upon arrival at any of the service desks at the entry ports. Keep reading Arooha’s blog to find out about the procedures to apply for an e-visa to ensure a smooth trip to Oman.

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Types of Visits

1. Visiting Musandam Dibba
Any UAE resident, expatriate or tourist visiting Musandam Dibba does not need to apply for an online Oman Visa from Dubai. This applies even if you are booking a Musandam Day trip or a Musandam Dibba overnight trip because it is just the matter of passing the border and no Exit or Entry seal will be stamped on the passport.

2. Visiting Musandam Khasab and other parts of OmanIf you are visiting during the Oman Khareef festival or any other locations within Oman territory like Mussandam Khasab, individuals should apply for an online Oman e-Visa from Dubai to be able to enter the country. tourist visa holders of Asian or Middle Eastern passport holders (Egypt, Jordan, India, Philippines, Sri Lanka, etc) who are visiting Oman from UAE will need a new visa to enter back into UAE as the entry and exit seal will be stamped on the passports. And UAE Recidents (certain professions - Check the list below ) & develop country passport holders (Check list below) individuals may follow the below-mentioned procedures for a hassle-free Oman Visa from Dubai.

Who is eligible for Oman Visa from Dubai?

1. UAE resident visa holders fulfilling the following criteria:

Must hold a UAE residence visa with a minimum validity of 3 months

Have an occupation that is mentioned in the list below (please refer allowed occupation list)

Passport with minimum validity of 6 months

2. Individuals holding passports of countries announced in the List of Eligible Countries by the Sultanate of Oman Royal Oman Police.

Visa fee

What is the visa fee to apply for Oman Visa from Dubai?

The cost of an Oman visa is 175 AED per applicant.

What is included in the visa fee?

Typing and consultation

Oman entry permit fee for Sultanate of Oman Royal Oman Police

Travel Insurance - Silver plan 5 days package (Covers USD 50,000 for Emergency Medical evacuation, USD 50,000 for accidental and sickness medical reimbursement and USD 20,000 for accidental death and permanent disablement)

What is not included in the visa fee?

Vehicle insurance (If driving to Musandam Khasab, vehicle insurance can be obtained at the entry point for a cost of approximately AED 90 or by pre-arranging with an insurance company. But if driving to Musandam Dibba get the insurance beforehand as there are no available counters at entry points.

What are the documents required for Oman Visa from Dubai?

Documents needed to apply for an Oman e-visa are

Original Passport

Original passport with minimum validity of 6 months

Residence Visa

UAE residence visa with minimum validity of 6 months

Additional documents needed to apply for Oman visa from Dubai are:

No Objection Cerificate

No objection letter from individual’s company addressed to the Sultanate of Oman Royal Oman Police.

Copy of Emirates ID

Terms and conditions of Oman Visa


The applicant must be outside the Sultanate of Oman during application for the visa.


The UAE residents applying for entry to Oman should have at least 6 months validity in their passport.


Individuals applied under the designation of Sales or Sales Manager have been rejected a few times. Arooha is not held responsible for the rejection of any visas applied after us advicing otherwise.


The individual’s passport should be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Oman.


The traveler should enter Oman from any GCC countries and cannot fly from any other countries.


A female servant is only allowed to enter Oman if her employer's family is also traveling with him.


Being a valid Oman visa holder does not guarantee entry into Oman. If a traveler is rejected entry Arooha is not held responsible as this is the sole decision of the Royal Oman Police officer stationed at the port of Entry.

Allowed Occupation List for Oman e-Visa

Accountant Actor Advisor
Agriculture engineer Agriculture supervisor Archaeologist
Architect Artist Assistant Mechanic
Athlete Athletic Organizer Author
Banker Broadcaster/Anchor Broker
Budget Specialist Business woman Businessman
Cameraman Captain Chemist
Commercial Delegate Company / Institute Representative Computer Engineer
Computer manager Coordinator Co-pilot
Counselor Dental surgeon Dental technician
Deputy Director Designer Dietician
Director Director / Deputy Doctor
Electrician Electronic technician Electronics Engineer
Employee Engineer Expert
Film cameraman First Counselor Flight Engineer
Flight Navigator General Manager / Deputy Generator Operator
Geologist Geologist Engineer Head of Section
Health Observer Hospital Technician Host
Interior Designer Investor Jeweler
Journalist Laboratory technician Land Surveyor
Lawyer Lecturer Marketing Agent
Marketing Specialist Mechanic Mechanical Engineer
Media Specialist Military Officer Musician
Navigator Network Engineer Nurse
Nurse Assistant Officer Painter
Pharmacist Physicist Pilot
Poet Preacher Printing Operator
Production Assistant Production Executive Programmer
Project Auditor Project Manager Prosecutor
Prospector raised Referee Sales and Marketing Representative
Sales Executive Sales Representative School Guidance Officer
Scientist Section Supervisor Social Specialist
Software Analyst Specialist Specialist treatment
Sport coach Store Inspector Supervisor
Teacher Technical support engineer Technologist
Temperament Tour Guide Trading partner
Translator University Director University teacher
Vessel Supervisor Vessel Technician Wireless Operator
Writer X-Ray technician

List of eligible countries for Oman e-Visa

1. Andorra 26. Hungary 51. Portugal
2. Argentina 27. Hungary 52. Romania
3. Australia 28. Indonesia 53. Russian federation
4. Austria 29. Iran 54. San marino
5. Belgium 30. Islamic republic of Ireland 55. Serbia
6. Bolivia 31. Italy 56. Republic of Seychelles
7. Brazil 32. japan 57. Singapore
8. Brunei Darussalam 33. Korea 58. Slovak republic
9. Bulgaria 34. republic of (south) 59. slovenia
10. Canada 35. Latvia 60. South Africa
11. Chile 36. Lebanon 61. Spain
12. china 37. Liechtenstein 62. Suriname
13. Colombia 38. Lithuania 63. Sweden
14. Croatia 39. Luxembourg 64. Switzerland
15. Cyprus 40. Macedonia 65. Taiwan
16. Czech Republic 41. Former Yugoslav republic 66. Republic of china
17. Denmark 42. Malaysia 67. Thailand
18. Ecuador 43. Malta 68. Turkey
19. Estonia 44. Moldova 69. Ukraine
20. Finland 45. Republic of Monaco 70. United Kingdom
21. France 46. Netherlands 71. united states of America
22. French Guiana 47. New Zealand 72. Uruguay
23. Germany 48. Norway 73. Vatican City state (holy see)
24. Greece 49. Paraguay 74. Venezuela
25. Hong Kong 50. Poland

Frequently asked Questions

What is the validity period for Oman visa?

The Oman E-visa is valid for 1 month from the date of issue.

What is the permitted stay duration?

The allowed stay period with an e-visa is 30 days. If the individual overstays, a fine of AED 95 (10 OMR) will be charged for each day overstayed.

Is the Oman visa extendable?

The visa can be extended only once for a period of 1 week and has to be done directly with the Sultanate of Oman Royal Police.

How many times can I enter Oman with an Oman visa?

This visa only permits single entry into Oman.

Is the Oman visa fee refundable?

The total visa fee for Oman visa from Dubai is non-refundable under any circumstance.

What are the reasons for an Oman visa from Dubai to get rejected?

The approval of visa application is solely the decision of the Sultanate of Oman Royal Oman Police and Arooha is not held responsible in case of visa rejection.

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