Russia Eid Al Adha
Russia Eid Al Adha
Russia Eid Al Adha
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Russia Eid Al Adha
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Why to book with Arooha

Here you can find the best Russia tour package from Dubai. You can book any of the tour in the list in this page with confidence for authentic experience in Russia. Arooha Tours offers the best Russian tour packages and here are the reasons.

All travel requirements covered

We will ensure you meet all travel requirements when travelling to Russia from obtaining the Russia visa from Dubai on your behalf, travel insurance to booking flight and accommodation. Everything is taken care of by Arooha team.

Time saving

Planning a trip takes a lot of time in planning. Arooha Tours have experts who will ensure your trip to Russia is smooth with everything planned accordingly. You can sit and relax. All you need is to book the flight and will be given all tour details.

We are Experts

Arooha team has been planning tours from Dubai to Russia for year and therefore understands every travel needs. Every tour is customized meant for nest experience.

Russia Packages to choose from

Check out the list of Russia tour packages below and select the one which meet your needs. Each tour offers a unique experience and if you have personalized need you can let us know.

About Russia

Russia geographically is the largest country in the world. The country has rich history and several tourist attractions ranging from visiting museums, parks, monuments, and cultural attractions.

Russia is one of the countries in travel bucket list of many UAE residents. The country is open for tourists from UAE.

As you prepare your trip to Russia, here are essential things you should know from the visa requirements, climate, and best time to visit to things to do in Russia.

Visa requirements for Dubai residents and locals to Russia

The visa requirements when travelling to Russia from Dubai for the residents depends on your nationality. You can contact our visa consultant to know if you are supposed to obtain Russia visa or you can travel without he visa.

UAE nationals are Russia visa exempted national. Therefore if you are UAE citizens you can travel to Russia without a visa. You will be issued with visa upon arrival and be allowed to stay in Russia for up to 180 days.

What type of climate is in Russia?

There are different climate zones in Russia because the country is huge. The general description of climate in Russia is grim climate, and there are extremes.

To better understand the clime mater in Russia we will look at the seasons. During winter season the climate in Russia is characterized of extremely cold especially Siberia. There is snowfall and most of the hours it is dark. There is no rainfall during this season.

The winter season start from December up to February. During these months Russians get 1 hour of sunlight per day.
Even during winter tourist visa Russia for skiing experience and other to experience the low temperatures.
The other major season in Russia is summer and starts from May to September. The climate is hot inland parts and chilly in the arctic. This is the best season to visit Russia.

When is the best time to visit Russia?

Summer season is the best time to visit Russia and starts from May to September. The climate is sunny in most parts of the country except in the arctic. But also in the arctic the weather is chilly and tourists visit there.

Even though summer the climate is sunny there are some parts where it gets too hot making unfavorable to visit.

The other season which you can visit Russia is fall which starts from September to November. There are few tourists in this season and hence best time to visit especially most popula6ted attractions.

If you are okay with cold weather and sometimes temperatures get as low as 2°F in some parts of the country, you can visit Russia during winter season.

How to get around in Russia

There are several means of transport you can use to get around in Russia. You should choose which one suit you best.


You can book domestic flight from point A to B in Russia. It is the fastest means to get around in Russia. There are several airlines which offer domestic flights to all other major cities.


If you are travelling long distance, boarding train is the best option. You will get to see a lot during the train ride.
Train is the best means of getting around in Russia especially if you will be touring the Siberian countryside or less-explored regions. You can purchase online tickets online and it is less expensive compared to flying.

Vans or Mashrutka

If you are okay sharing seats with new people you can use board van or Marshrutka. It is the mode of public transport used when travelling from one town to another.

Sometimes there may be congestion in the van but the locals are okay with it. Boarding van in Russia presents an opportunity to interact with local and can learn few Russian phrases.


You can take boat to get around in Russia specifically if you are visiting Russia's Golden Ring cities, including St. Petersburg, Moscow, and more.


You can board metro if you are visiting the 7 major cities where there is metro system. It is convenient and affordable means to get around and see the city.
There are also subways in Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Samara, and Yekaterinburg, which are less well-known.
You can purchase ticket according to number of rides, how long you will ride the metro and number of days you will use the metro.


You can use taxi to get around in Russia. Popular taxi service providers such as Uber are available in Russia.
Some of the popular taxi services providers in Russia are Gett and Yandex. You can download their mobile application and book a ride no matter where you are in Russia.

Car hire

You should be familiar with Cyrillic alphabet to be able drive in Russia. There are several car rental companies in Russia.
You should opt for international companies you will be able to communicate with them better in English. While driving around in Russia you should carry a map because you may find yourself in area without internet.

Where to stay in Russia

When you arrive in Russia there are several places where you ca stay. There are luxurious hotel and also affordable hotels offering quality services. Here is our suggestion of best places to stay in Russia.

Four seasons hotel lion palace ST Petersburg

This is one of the luxurious hotels in Russia dating back in 19th century. It was once a place but later converted to a hotel. It is located two blocks from the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg city.

The architecture of this hotel dates also back in 18th century and even after renovation they maintained the architecture.
Some sections in the hotel are designed sections mirror Russian royal design while still feeling light and contemporary. The ceiling in the hotel is gilded and gold and cream color scheme adorns the hotel.

You can book for a stay in one of the 183 guest rooms which were renovated to include high-tech comforts. Other amenities in the hotel include Russian steam room; the four-level spa has a glass-roofed swimming pool.

Belmond grand hotel Europe, ST Petersburg

This hotel is also situated in St. Petersburg across from the Shostakovich Philharmonic Belmond Grand Hotel Europe.

It is also a luxurious hotel where guests enjoy 5 star services. The ambiance at this hotel is amazing and there are contemporary amenities.

You can stay in any of the 301 rooms and suites featuring high quality furniture’s and amenities. There are 7 restaurants and bard where you can enjoy a meal or drink.

The Rodina Grand hotel & spa, Sochi

If you will be visiting Sochi city, this is the best in that city to book your stay. You will enjoy your stay at this hotel and features a spa where you can get a relaxing treatment.

The hotel has 2 wings grand which has 40 rooms and the villa wing. There is Movie Theater for entertainment and other facilitates top keep you entertained other hotel.

Rixos Krasnaya Polyana Sochi

This hotel is located at the slopes of the Caucasus Mountains. You will enjoy the stay at this hotel away from the city noises. From the hotel you can enjoy scenery and great views.

The location of this hotel at snow-capped mountain tops and which is surrounded by trees make it ideal place to stay if you value privacy and tranquility.
Some of facilities at the hotel include hot tub and the best tool for Turkish relaxation hammam, an indoor pool and private beach.
You can book a stay at one of the 114 rooms and suites. They feature a flat-screen TV, a minibar, air-conditioning a deep tub, among other amenities.
If you like butler service and other privileges, you should book you stay at the Royal Apartment.

The St. Regis Moscow Nikolskaya

This is another luxurious hotels located in St. Regis Moscow Nikolskaya. You will love stay at this hotel as staff are attentive and generally hotel look fantastic.
There are many facilities in the hotel to keep guest entertained which include a large indoor pool, butler service, a beauty shop, spa and standard gym.
At the Spa you can enjoy services which you can book in advance such as facials and massages. There are 3 restaurants and can choose which one to enter and dine; Sparx Restaurant, Layali Restaurant, and Wine House.

Best things to do in Russia

There are a lot places to visit and activities you can do in Russia. The list is long and hard to do all of them it can take months.

If you are looking for the best experience when you visit Russia, here are the best things to do.

Ride a T-34 Tank

You should not miss to include taking a ride in a T-34 tank when exploring Moscow. The task dates back to Soviet era and will get to experience want was like to ride in a Soviet medium tank.

There is a rich history about this T-34 Tank. It was introduced in 1940 and used during World War II. After the ride you will also get a chance to fire 10 blank shots using a firearm like Russian AK-47.

Climbing Mt Elbrus

Mt Elbrus is the highest mountain in Russia and its highest peak stands 5642 m above sea level. If you are a professional climber or love climbing you can try to see how many meters you can cover.

Climbers across the world visit this mount during summer season to try seeing if they can get to get peak. It is a fun activity to do. There a lot of hiking and trekking then climbing.

You can also visit this mount during winter season for skiing experience. One fascinating fact is tourist love to climb this mount during winter season.

Take a Cruise on Lake Baikal

Cruising in Lake Baikal is not like in any other lake. It is the deepest lake in the works and also with biggest volume of freshwater.

Besides, the lake is said to me more than 25 million old. It accounts for one-fifth of all fresh water on the planet's surface.

You can enjoy 1 hour cruising experience in this lake from the Eastern Siberian transit center and Irkutsk city.

Tour Academy of Fine Arts Museum

If you love art you have come across iconic Russian historical arts. You can visit where they are produced, academy of fine arts museum.

The Museum is located in St. Petersburg. It is an elegant museum where you will get to see collection of creative painters, sculptors, and creators created by the academy's students and faculty.

There are exhibitions hosted in the museum regularly to showcase contemporary paintings by well-known local artists. You have to pay onetime admission fee. Also, if you have to take phots or shoot a movie you have to pay a fee.

Visit a Buddhist monastery in Siberia.

One of the experiences you should try in Russia is to visit the country side. Ong the places you can visit is Siberia. It takes 6 hours flight to get there and you can also board train from Moscow.

When you arrive in Siberia, among the places you should visit is Buddhist monastery. It is situated in a town known as Chita.

There are also other monastery in the area is Aginsky Datsan Monastery which is located about a two-hour drive from Chita town in Amitkhasha village.
These monasteries play significant culture role and serve as spiritual centers in Siberia. You can meet the healers and astrologers at this monastery.