Indonesia Visa from Dubai

Indonesia is one of the with very lenient visa policy and allows almost all foreign national into the county visa free. However, not everyone though.
If you are among those national who are required to have Indonesia visa before travelling Arooha Tours visa consultant can help you obtain the visa.
In this guide, you will learn all about Indonesia visa from Dubai from who need to apply for it, the requirements, Application process, costs and travel tips.

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Indonesia Visa from dubai

01 Who Needs an Indonesia Visa?

If you are citizen or passport holder from the below countries you have to obtain Indonesia visa in advance before travelling.

Afghanistan Guinea Nigeria
Cameroon Guinea-Bissau North Korea
Central African Republic Iran Sierra Leone
Colombia Iraq Somalia
Republic of the Congo Israel South Sudan
Democratic Republic of the Congo Kosovo Sudan
Djibouti Liberia Syria
Equatorial Guinea Micronesia Yemen
Eritrea Montenegro
Ethiopia Niger

02 Indonesia Visa Free Countries

If you are a passport holder from below copu8ntries you can enter Indonesia without a visa for a short stay up to 30 days.

Albania Grenada Peru
Algeria Guatemala Philippines
Andorra Guyana Poland
Angola Haiti Portugal
Antigua and Barbuda Honduras Puerto Rico
Argentina Hong Kong Qatar
Armenia Hungary Romania
Australia Iceland Russia
Austria India Rwanda
Azerbaijan Ireland Samoa
Bahamas Italy San Marino
Bahrain Jamaica Sao Tome and Principe
Bangladesh Japan Saudi Arabia
Barbados Jordan Senegal
Belarus Kazakhstan Serbia
Belgium Kenya Seychelles
Belize Kiribati Singapore
Benin Kuwait Slovakia
Bhutan Kyrgyzstan Slovenia
Bolivia Laos Solomon Island
Bosnia and Herzegovina Latvia South Africa
Botswana Lebanon South Korea
Brazil Lesotho Spain
Brunei Liechtenstein Sri Lanka
Bulgaria Lithuania Saint Kitts and Nevis
Burkina Faso Luxembourg Saint Lucia
Burundi Macau 141. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Cambodia North Macedonia Suriname
Canada Madagascar Eswatini
Cabo Verde Malawi Sweden
Chad Malaysia Switzerland
Chile Maldives Taiwan
China Mali Tajikistan
Dominica Malta Tanzania
Comoros Marshall Islands Thailand
Costa Rica Mauritania Timor-Leste
Ivory Coast Mauritius Togo
Croatia Mexico Tonga
Cuba Moldova Trinidad and Tobago
Cyprus Monaco Tunisia
Czechia Mongolia Turkey
Denmark Morocco Turkmenistan
Dominican Republic Mozambique Tuvalu
Ecuador Myanmar Uganda
Egypt Namibia Ukraine
El Salvador Nauru United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom Nepal Uruguay
Estonia Netherlands United States
Fiji New Zealand Uzbekistan
Finland Nicaragua Vanuatu
France Norway Vatican City
Gabon Oman Venezuela
Gambia Palau Vietnam
Georgia Palestine Zambia
Germany Panama Zimbabwe
Ghana Papua New Guinea
Greece Paraguay

03 Types of Indonesian Visas

When applying for Indonesia visa from Dubai the one you are supposed to apply for depends on reason for visiting the country. Below are Indonesia visa you can apply for according to reasoning for visit.

Tourist Visa

Indonesia Tourist Visa

You need to apply for this type of visa if you are visa Indonesia for tourism, recreational, or visiting purposes.

Business Visa

Indonesia Business Visa

If your reason for visiting Indonesia from Dubai is to participate in business related activities this is the visa to apply for.
You will be permitted to engage into activities such as attending meetings or training, negotiations, and other business-related activities

04Documents Needed for an Indonesia Visa Application

There are a number of documents you have to put together when applying for Indonesia visa from Dubai. These documents are;


Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months, have at least 2 blank pages and been issued within the last 10 years. It should also be in a good condition.


You should submit t your recently take 2- 4 photos which meet all the requirements specified when applying for the visa.

Application Form

You will have to fill out an application form with accurate and honest details all spaces and sigh at the end.

Proof of Travel Arrangements

You have to submit evidence you have arranged for your trip by submitting your travel tickets or itinerary.

Proof of Accommodation

You also have to submit evidence you have a place where you will be staying in Indonesia. Examples of documents you can submit are;

  • Hotel booking/reservation
  • Rental agreement / contract
  • Invitation Letter from a host
  • Confirmation by an organized tour operator or holiday tours

Proof of Sufficient Financial Means

You have to proof you will be able to sustain financially yourself while staying in Indonesia. Examples of documents you can submit as evidence you have enough money are your bank statement.

Cover Letter (for Business Travelers)

If you are visiting Indonesia for business reason you have to submit a cover letter from the company you work for.

The letter should have company letter head, address, phone number and number of day you will be staying in Indonesia.

05How to apply for Indonesia visa from Dubai

The process of applying for Indonesia visa from Dubai is not complicated. All you have to do is follow these steps:


The first step is contact Arooha Tours visa consultant


Gather all documents and submit them


Payment of visa and consultation fees


Checking the documents you submitted and advices


Type your visa application and prepare all relevant documents


Book an appointment with Indonesian embassy to submit your documents and bio-metrics


Wait for the embassy to process your visa


Notification once the visa is processed


Collection of your passport with the Indonesia visa stamp

06Indonesia Visa Fee

When you are applying for Indonesia visa you will have to pay a non-refundable fee no matter the application decision as follows:

Single-entry Tourist Visa USD 50
Multiple-entry Tourist/Visit/Business Visa USD 100
Limited Stay Visa Six months: USD 50
One year: USD 90
Two years: USD 160
Visa on Arrival USD 35

07 How Long Does It Take to Process an Indonesian Visa?

You will have to wait between 3-5 working days for the embassy to make a decision on your visa application.

The embassy may take longer time to process your visa if there is a backlog or they require additional documents to continue processing your visa.

08 Tips before travelling to Indonesia

Don't underestimate Indonesia’s size

Indonesia is a huge country with a lot of space to cover and it will take you months to explore every part.
For instance, if you embark on a road trip to explore Sumatra which is only 25% of Indonesia’s total area will spend like 50 hours non-stop.
Of you want to get from one location especially get to0 Islands in Indonesia you should opt for a flight because the road conditions is not ideal at all.
You should have a plan where you will be visiting when you get to Indonesia fort you jot be confused where to start.

Airline Credit Card issue

The best way to get around in Indonesia is to book a flight. The prices are affordable and it is easy to book the flight from the airline website.
Sometimes when making the payment using your international card it may decline. It happens a lot. You should opt for another airline or book though booking websites like Expedia.

Look beyond Bali

Bali is definitely a fantastic place for traveling but it's only a piece of Indonesia's immense area. To just wander around Bali but not Indonesia would be like visiting only Sydney when in Australia.
Bali offers some great alternatives in the east of Lombok with its second highest volcano, and just off her coast are the Holi islands which are a must!
Go through the magical city of Yogyakarta, which are the blissful sites covered by plenty of alluring temples.
There are so many options, just choose the one you see interesting and take a trip, Indonesia will certainly surprise you.


The most popular religion in Indonesia is Muslim. If you are not a Muslim you should avoid visiting the mosques and other religious places.
You should also be prepared deepening on where you will be staying in Indonesia to hear a prayers 5 times a day.

Be careful with Indonesia currency

Indonesian Rupiah is the official currency in Indonesia is. It is among the lowest in terms of value in the world. I USD is equivalent to 13,000 Rupiah.
You should be careful with the zeros when making payment not to over pay because it is sometimes confusing.

Unpredictable Weather You should check the current weather in Indonesia before visiting. It hard to predict the weather because there can be earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, torrential downpours and storms.
But, there is also favorable weather which is ideal to visit but it hard to stay when because even during summer there can be wild fire.

Diverse Language

The most spoken language in Indonesia is Bahasa and is the national language. There are also 700 indigenous languages spoken by natives across the country. English is also spoken by local especially in tourist areas.

One of the world’s best cuisines

When you visit Indonesia you should try the traditional or local cuisines you will love it. The cuisines are flavorful and aromatic,
For authentic taste you should try the street food which is not added too many spices. You will be amazed to know the street food taste better that even the expensive restaurant and it is affordable.

09Frequently asked Questions

How many days will my visa process take?

You will have to around 5-7 working days for the embassy to process your visa.

What if visa got delayed due to embassy?

You should call the embassy if you don’t receive a feedback on your visa application on time. The n umber to call is on the receipt you received after submitting your application.

Is the visa fee refunded in case of rejection?

The visa application fee is not refundable be no matter the visa application decision.