Hatta Kayak - Kayak Through Hatta Lake

AED 60
Mountain Views Unlimited Time New Kayak Boats


Welcome to paddle a kayak along the creek bordering Hatta in interior side of Dubai. The cherishing ambience of location where we conduct this water sport will definitely make your mind relaxed. The favorable scenery of this location awake your temptation in riding a kayak in the waters of the lake surrounded by mountains. We don’t limit your fun by setting time durations and we are renting our Hatta Kayak in Dubai letting you to decide how long you wants to do the Kayaking. It’s an amazing offer. Isn’t it? You can choose either a single Kayak or a Double Kayak doubling the fun of the ride with someone who will accompany you. Generally, above 16 is the age buffer that we accept to rent a kayak to ride alone merely for safety reasons. Paddle in styles and break water tides and move to explore the lake as much as you can. Why not it’s an absolute exercise for your body too. Kayaking is a famous activity for both physical and mental relaxation, that’s why year around both local and foreign guests love to enjoy it while immersing with the picturesque views.

Availability & Duration

Hatta Kayak is available daily (exceptions During Ramadan month) from 7 AM morning till 6 PM noon. • Availability: The availability first come first serve basis • Duration hatta kayak paddle boat rental : Unlimited, paddle as you want • Dress code: Sports ware

Whats included & Not Included on The Tours

  • Standard Kayak Paddle board for unlimited time during the day
  • Safety Jacket
  • Locker on Site
  • Safety boats around while you on kayaking
  • Meals
  • Water and soft drinks (Only water Available on site)
  • Hotel transfer to Hatta Dam (Can be arranged)
  • Washrooms and toilet


  • Only age 16+ are allowed to ride kayak alone
  • No snacks and beverages included for rental
  • Safety Jacket will be provided for the tour - Must wear all the time
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