Mamzar Jet Ski Sharjah

60 Minutes
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  • Cool off with a thrilling Jet ski tour along the coast of Mamzar beach
  • Receive the guidance of a skilled instructor


Zoom around the cornflower-blue waters of Sharjah’s Mamzar beach on a Jet ski tour with a skilled guide. Experience some thrilling fun as you journey through temperate waters, taking in the shoreline sprouting towering skyscrapers with the fascinating Mamzar Jet Ski Sharjah experience.
Start your tour by arriving at the meeting point at the designated time. After a brief safety explanation, don the given life jacket and climb aboard your Jet Ski. Follow your guide and begin your 1-hour tour. All of the Jet-skis are perfectly maintained to guarantee a thrilling and safe ride. After one hour, you will return back to the starting point. The individual should be at least 18 years of age to take part in the activity. Kids below 18 years and above 4 years need to be accompanied by an adult. The Mamzar beach is famous for various forms of entertaining water sports. Make sure to read the regulations of the Beach to be able to jet-ski more mindfully. The Mamzar Jet Ski Sharjah package is suitable for family, couples and even business people who want to experience a cooling retreat from all the city tours.


TOUR DURATION 60 minutes
60 minute Jet skiing session
NOT INCLUDED Washroom facility
Insurance Alcohol and smoking Wifi





Arrival at Mamzar beach

This tour doesn't include pick up so arrive at the location by taxi.


During the Jet-Ski tour

You will be given a safety briefing by your experienced instructor before strapping on your gear and beginning your one-hour jet ski tour.


Departure from Mamzar beach 

You have to return back to your location by hailing a taxi.


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