24 Hour Dubai Stopover Tour – Private Guided Tour

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Are you having a long transit or stopover at the Dubai Airport? Would you join in on an adventure around Dubai? If you are the kind who loves to turn lemons into lemonade, make the best out of this opportunity and transform a stopover into a 24 hours in Dubai

This whirlwind tour will make you want to extend your stay in Dubai. If your flight has landed in Terminal 1 or Terminal 3, you can catch free bus shuttle that will transport you to the Dubai International Airport Premier Inn hotel. Your driver guide for the day will meet you at the Premier Inn hotel lobby at the designated time. To truly understand the heart of Dubai your first stop will be the spice Souk followed up by the Gold Souk. Enjoy the warmth and fragrance of frankincense emanating from the cozy spice stalls. Walk through the Pathways filled with old-world charm and lined with overflowing sacks of various spices, dried flowers and herbs. Dubai wasn’t named the city of gold for a joke! The winding alleys and gold-filled shop windows are a testimony to Dubai’s gold abundance. Take a picturesque and relaxing ride across Deira Creek in an Abra (water taxi). Marvel at the harmony of old buildings mingling with new ones on either side of the creek banks. Hop off at the textile Souk and come face to face with a mind blowing selection of textiles, embellishments, laces and every other garment related paraphernalia, all available for a cheap price.

A visit to the Dubai Museum is crucial, not only because you learn about the city’s history but also because you get to admire the oldest building in Dubai, the Al fahidi Fort. Now that you have seen the ancient side of Dubai, you will be surprised by how modern it looks too. The tallest building, Burj Khalifa will amaze you with its gigantic height and stunning views. Admire a wonderful show of water and music synchronized perfectly to create a magical dance. The Dubai fountain located at the base of Burj Khalifa is a mesmerizing site at night. Shop at the many boutiques in Dubai mall before heading out for a desert safari (whether it’s a morning, evening or sunrise desert safari depends entirely on your arrival time). The order of the itinerary might vary slightly depending on your flight arrival time.

Tradition, check. History, check. Entertainment, check. Do you want to see more of Dubai after this 24 hours in Dubai? Come visit us another time.

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Arrival at Dubai International Airport

If you have landed at terminal 1 or 3 of Dubai International Airport, you can catch the free bus shuttle that goes to Dubai International Airport Premier Inn hotel. After you reached the hotel you can freshen up,, your driver will pick you up from the Premier Inn hotel lobby.


Shop at spice and gold souk

Spend the next 1 hour or so browsing the many spice stalls before heading to the gold souk and admiring all that glitters.


Take an abra ride to the textile souk

After a 20 minute long abra ride you can hop off at the textile souk and buy some good material ranging from silk to cotton.


Visit the Dubai Museum

The al fahidi fort, the oldest building in Dubai that still exists is where the Dubai Museum is housed. Cruise through the many exhibits to learn about Dubai’s history.


Visit the Burn Khalifa and Dubai fountain

Spend the next 90 minutes or so exploring burj khalifa and its gardens until its time for the dancing show of the Dubai fountain.


Shop at Dubai Mall

Shop at any of the boutiques or visit the many aquatic creatures at the Dubai museum.


Drop off 

Your driver will collect you from the entrance of Dubai mall and drop you back at the Premier Inn Hotel lobby


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