Sharjah Dune Buggy Safari

175 AED/Person
Photo Stops 1 or 2 Hours 12+ years


The Sharjah dune buggy safari is organized specifically for adventure-lovers and thrill seekers who want a taste of the desert. You can experience an exhilarating off-road dune buggy drive that will definitely satiate your craving for adventure. You will also have the opportunity to stop, take a break and admire the surroundings of Mleiha. Upon arrival at Mleiha Archaeological Center you will be given a guided tour of the archaeological exhibits and excavation sites. Next comes the fun part where you get to drive a dune buggy. All the dune buggies used in the Sharjah dune buggy safari are equipped with a safety harness, bucket seats and a roll cage ensuring a comfortable and safe drive. You will travel in a convoy and follow closely behind your guide who will maneuver you through the best routes. Apart from a thrilling experience you will also be able to admire the stunning views of the Sharjah desert with this safari.You can choose between two types of dune buggy adventures - Extreme fossil climb and Extreme tour depending on your skill. In the Extreme Fossil climb your instructor guides you to climb up the Fossil rock in Mleiha desert. In the Extreme Tour you will explore the Faya caves, camel rock and Dead camel’s dune onboard your Dune buggy. You can also request to seat two individuals in one dune buggy, a suitable options for couples or families with kids.

Whats included & Not Included on The Tours

  • Entry into Mleiha Archaeological center
  • Guided tour of Mleiha Archaeological center
  • 1 hour or 2 hour Dune buggy Extreme Fossil Climb A 1 hour adventure drive up to the top of Mleiha’s iconic Fossil Rock or
  • Extreme 2 hours Tour Get your adrenaline rush by exploring the beautiful lanscapes of Mleiha
  • Transport to and from Mleiha Archaeological Center (Can be arranged upon request)
  • Meals
  • Refreshments
  • Gratuities (recommended)
  • Personal expenses
Thrilling Desert Drive

Enjoy driving a dune buggy in the Sharjah desert under the supervision of your instructor.

Choice of Dune Buggy Route

You can choose between an Extreme Fossil Climb (40 minutes) and a Extreme Tour (2 hours) depending on your preference and schedule.

Guided Tour

You will be accompanied by an English speaking Safari Marshal who knows a lot about the desert.

Knowledgeable Tour

You can also view the artifacts and tombs that have been excavated at the Mleiha Archaeological centre.

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Trip Itinerary

Arrival at location
Arrive at the Mleiha Archaeological Center at the specified time. You will meet up with your guide at the entrance to the centre. Transfers to the centre can be booked on request for an additional cost. If you book a transfer, the chauffeur guide will pick you up from your hotel.
During the safari
Your Sharjah dune buggy desert safari begins with a guided tour of Mleiha Archaeological center. This will be followed by a dune buggy drive where you get to choose if you want the Extreme Fossil Climb (40 minutes) tour or the Extreme tour (120 minutes). You will follow your instructor.
Return from location
Make your way back to your hotel. If you have booked a transfer with us you will be dropped off by our chauffeur.
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