AROOHA is dedicated to assure your privacy and safety in relation to the
information we receive online and offline. This Policy outlines our data
collection practices through the website, booking platforms, over the phone
or any other ways. Also, this will elaborate how the collected data is being
used and what are your rights we seldom in collecting, storing and using it!

What information we collect?

In common, we collect information from you in text, documents wise or verbally. Depend on the service you request from us the information may differ.

  • Basic personal details

Whenever you get in touch with us, you will be needing to share some of the basic personal details such as Name, Contact Number, Country of Origin, Local address or Hotel Name etc.

Well, if it’s related to a tour booking some of the general details will be collected whereas for visa services you might be requested more information related to Nationality, Date of Birth, Profession and so on.

  • Essential documents for visa applications

Exceptionally, for the visa services unlike tours we need you to provide us some essential personal documents.  Ex: Passport copies, Photograph, Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, Invitation letter.

  • Technical details

Our data base automatically capture your browser, IP address, time and location of login. This data are being used for quality assurance and improvement of our customer experiences.

  • Financial and Bank details

When you are booking a tour online or paying for visa through our secured online payment system, you will be needing to provide your credit card details, bank name, card expiry date and other required details to perform the booking and/or payment.

Why we need information from you?

As a Destination management company and a tour operator,  weopt information in different means and ways for various reasons.However the purpose of collection your information are as follows:

  • To avoid fake inquiries and booking
  • To confirm or reserve your inquiry or booking or payment in particular
  • To provide or Collect, useful or additional information regarding the tour or visa
  • For submission of visa application to the immigration and processing it on behalf of you ( travel documents/profession proof certificates or any attested documents)
  • As supporting documents for the visa approval (Attested relationship proof certificates, Legal documents)
  • For security purposes ( Security cheque/ Official email)
  • For continuous research and development of the company
  • For a seamless customer-careservice


How we use your information?

The data we gather are processing and store in our data bases each time. These data will be used as information at various occasions in various ways

  • Tosend online payment link, to capture online payment and collect the payment
  • To identify the reliable visa applicants and make sure the exit clearance on time
  • To monitor online visitors and the customer generation


Concerning the laws and regulations, we very carefully exposing and using your personal information. Only, when it’s necessary it will be utilized and shared with:

  • Service providers ( Direct suppliers : Immigration departments, Hotels, Excursion providers)
  • Partner companies of Arooha Family
  • Third party dealers ( Credit card payment processing agents , Activity management associates, Currier agents )

If in case of legality, threat of national security or CID inquires we will be responsible to expose the data we have in exception to the above policy

How you can correct, claim or delete your information?

If in case of any corrections, claims or cancellation of the information you provided to us, will be needing to inform through few of the forms recommended by us. To get in touch with us easily you can use website request, electronic mail, phone call, general post or just a visit

Cookies, Reviews and Social media integration

You are free to subscribe news feeds, social media connections and links of us. The genuine customer reviews are our strength and usually the review request will be sent soon after the services are provided

How to Contact Us

This Privacy policy may revised from time to time without any prior notice, Therefore you will be needing to check periodically for updates of the conditions. If you have any concerns or queries about the Privacy Policy of Arooha tourism, call us on+0000000Or send us on