Igniting passion of travel – Vijayan & Mohana Visits Dubai

January 12, 2018
Dubai Blog
Vijayan Chettan & Mohana Chechi

“Traveling is the art of life. You can see and hear with your eyes and ears. But, you cannot experience without the presence of mind.”

Vijayan Chettan & Mohana Chechi Visits Dubai, Another destination of their travel history by Arooha Tours. Vijayan Chettan & Mohana an ordinary couple runs a small Tea Shop in Cochin, who ignited travel passion exceptionally. The couple already visited 20 destination and planning more in near future. Arooha Tours took an initiative to sponsor the couple to come to Dubai with the motive of setting an example to those dream to travel despite of life circumstances

Who will not fond of travelling? Everyone does! Around the world how many people are dreaming to travel vacation and sight see. Meantime, how many are passionate to travel but not capable of it?

Vijayan and Mohana: The success story of an Ordinary Indian couple

Vijayan said “All the people with whom I have traveled so far are millionaires. All of them. When they exchange 500 dollars, I change 5-10 dollars. I don’t have money, then you might ask me, wouldn’t it be wise stay back in my shop? I want to see this world, that’s what my desire. My only desire!”

Vijayan Chettan & Mohana Chechi

Arooha brings innovative ideas out to encourage and respect the ordinary people’s interest in travelling, we are not just only the business but also a responsible entity who cares about the travelers. As soon as we hear about Vijayan and Mohana we thought of bringing them to Dubai with our DFS Group & there are here now on 3 days well planned holiday