Why Skydive in Dubai

Why Skydive in Dubai

Why Skydive in Dubai

If you are looking for a unique adventure experience while you are in Dubai, the experience you don’t want to miss is the ultimate aerial escapades in the ‘City of Gold’. You should ensure that you go on this mind-blowing and stunning skydive which is over a thousand feet above the ground. Your trip to Dubai is not complete if you did not try out this nerve-wracking experience and that is why most locals and the tourists regarded this as one of the best and most captivating highlights of the city.

Some of the reasons why you should try skydiving in Dubai are listed below and this adventure is for everyone to try whether you are an experienced aerial voyager or this is your first time doing this, you are surely going to have a mind-blowing and memorable experience which will linger on in your mind.

Practice indoor first

Dubai is the home for many attractions and word class facilities to enjoy a best possible holiday. When is come to Sky Dive, Dubai has almost all type of Sky Diving Experience and private flying experience, before you dive from the open sky why not try an indoor sky dive. Head to Inflight Dubai Indoor Skydiving which is located on the Skydive Dubai Desert Campus in Al Fagaa & experience the world largest wind tunnel. The facility offers you the safest indoor sky diving experience by well trained professionals.

Safety first

You don’t have to worry about the dive’s safety if this is your first time jumping or you are terrified of heights. All the equipment that will be used on this trip are made of premium quality materials and they are thoroughly checked and also if you want to dive here, you will also be paired with a professional and licensed skydiver that will make sure you are safe and also guide you through your diving journey. As you can see your safety is well covered.


Why Skydive in Dubai


Dubai’s famous stunning City & Desert aerial view  

Skydiving is one of the ways to experience the city from another dimension and you will not be disappointed with trying it. You are going to be treated with a stunning bird’s eye views of the Palm Jumeirah Sky Diving which is an artificial archipelago and you will also be able to see a clear view of its magnificent overhead palm design and also the crystal-clear sapphire waters which surrounds it. You will also get to see some of the most iconic landmarks and features like the World Islands, Dubai Marina, Burj Arab, and so on from this trip. Also, the famous Dubai desert Sky Diving would amaze you with vast landscape of Dubai Desert

Not that expensive

You can skydive in the city of Dubai for a lifetime experience without the need to dent your pocket. Tandem skydive experience costs about 2199 AED (598 USD) while as an experienced skydiver cost as low. The price of the jump depends on the class-level, the package type, and the number of jumpers. If you want to turn skydiving into a hobby, then Dubai is the best option for you as it is affordable. Also the desert sky dive cost 1699 AED (462 USD)


Why Skydive in Dubai


Nerve-wrecking experience

You will get a total nerve-wracking experience and huge fun in this stunning Middle Eastern city. To see the level adrenaline rush you are going to get, you can picture yourself jumping out of a plane, freefalling in the sky with your instructor at 13,000 feet and you will see the kind of thrill you will get. There is no way you will not love everything about this outdoor activity.

A wide range of options that you can choose from

There are many wide ranges of services that skydiving in Dubai offers it divers from the first timer jumps and skydiving coaching to the exciting jumps for the experienced skydiver. There are also many formation and movement options that different levels of divers can try like team vertical formation jumps, suit wing flockers, and many more aerial maneuvers that you can try.


Why Skydive in Dubai

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