Kid Friendly Activities in Dubai

Kid friendly activities in Dubai

There are many things that your kids are going to enjoy in Dubai from the zero-gravity centers to the desert adventures. There are many choices to keep them entertained from kid friendly activities in Dubai and in case you are overwhelmed with them, here are some unique attractions that your kids will love and won’t want to leave.


Go skiing

Sky Dubai is the first indoor snow and ski resort in the Middle East and it is even the best for skiing, skateboarding, and tobogganing in town. The Ski Dubai is located in the Mall of the Emirates and if your little ones are aged two or over, you can then hit the slopes. You are also going to see penguins as they waddle around here. If you are not the adventurous type, you can explore the Ski Dubai and go sightseeing from the chairlift or you can even enjoy a hot chocolate to warm you up as the temperature at this attraction is less than 4oC.


Go see a dinosaur

At Dubai Mall, you and your kids will be amazed by the full-size diplodocus skeleton in its main atrium which is nicknamed Dubai Dino. I will advise you to come here early so as to see the skeleton without the crowds as the mall opens at 8 am. The skeleton is more than 155million years old and it is 24m long. Your kids will surely love to see this amazing creature.


Go for a picnic in the desert

Another thing that you can do is to change scenery and sign up for one of the 4×4 safaris where you will be able to see an endless landscape and also the ancient Bedouin culture. Your children are going to love the added extras of some tour like the camel rides and sand skiing. Although you are going to pay extra for the safaris, picnics, and barbecues they are definitely worth it. You can even go on a personal tour where you will just hire a 4×4 vehicle and just explore the desert at your own volition.


Go have fun in Mushrif Park

This is the largest park in Dubai and the highlight of the park is the International Village. The international village houses 13 child-sized houses from around the world that is waiting to be explored. Each house has traditional elements from the country that it represents and your kids can then play house here while you just go relax under the trees. They can still go to the play areas when they are bored of playing house or go on a bicycle track and there are BBQ facilities. You can also show your little ones the traditional Bedouin lifestyle at the horse and camel riding areas.


Visit the Old Library

What better way for your kids to have fun while they learn than to listen to a story. At Old Library, there is a storytelling session every week for the little ones and this is a must see place for your kids. The Old Library is located inside the Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Center complex which is on the second level of the Emirates Mall. In this museum, you will find many toddlers which are amazed as the resident storyteller reads some amazing story to them. It is advisable to book for a place early as this getting more and more popular by the day with the locals and tourists.


Feed the turtles

You can show your kids some turtles by visiting the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project. At this project, care is being given to sick and injured turtles that are found in the area and after they are well, they will release them back into the ocean. They have so far released 550 turtles back into the ocean, one of their holding pens is close to the Wharf restaurants at the Mina A’Salam pool. The keeper comes down here every day and you and your kids can go for a scheduled session where they can get to feed the turtles.


Go on Flight Lesson

This is one of a unique special treat that is different from all other attractions that your kids can try although it is kind of expensive. The iFly Dubai is located at the city center Mirdif and as far as your kids are older than 3 years old they are good to go and all you will do is to wear the skydiving equipment and then step into the wind tunnel. You will then be whisked up to around 3m in the air and there will be an instructor close by if you need anything. You will get a similar experience with skydiving from here.


Explore the city through a Big Bus Tours

The landmarks in Dubai are stunning and among the greatest in the world and your trip to Dubai will not be completed without paying them a visit. The best and easiest way to do this is to go on a Hop on Hop off bus tours. With this tour, you will have the freedom to hop off and explore all these landmarks at your own volition and this is a perfect chance for your kids to stretch their legs and also snap some Instagram worthy pictures while they are in front of these magnificent and famous landmarks.



Your kids are guaranteed to have a memorable time in the Dubai which they will remember for a lifetime. You can tire out your little ones during the days with all these activities listed above and you can then explore the Dubai Nightlife while they are fast asleep in bed.

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