Desert Safari Dubai

Only someone living under a rock would not know that a desert safari is Dubai’s modern approach in letting travelers explore the desert along with the many Bedouin customs and entertainment. But, not many of us know what exactly these desert safaris offer. Keep reading our blog and you will be an expert on Desert Safari Dubai by the end of our blog.

What does a desert safari offer?

Since the desert had a huge influence on Dubai’s culture and history this safari is conducted in the vast expanse of golden sands. You can enjoy every aspect of the desert in a single package. A bit if adrenaline, a serving of amazing scenes, a coating of Emirati hospitality and a garnish of Bedouin entertainment make a Dubai desert safari a mandatory activity. The choices out there are numerous but before we delve into that read this breakdown of desert safari activities. Now that you know what is a desert safari read about the activities that are included in it.

Wildlife sightings

Depending on the safari you choose (especially morning, evening or any safari that includes wildlife sightings) you will be able to spot the brave inhabitants of the hot Dubai desert. We are talking animals as big as gazelles and camels, to the lazy monitor lizards and scurrying foxes. A falconry demonstration is also included in some desert safaris and allows you to observe the strong bond between the falcon and it’s falconer.


Heaps of adrenaline

Adventure seekers won’t be disappointed by this factor of the desert safari. Including the famous dune bashing, quad biking and sandboarding, these activities make the entire experience. The Dubai desert safari cars used for Dune bashing are 4 wheel drive vehicles (mostly land cruiser or Land Rover in VIP safaris). This off road vehicle is fully capable of navigating through the mountains of fine sand known as dunes.


Bedouin entertainment

This needs no introduction as belly dancing and Shisha, to name a few have been known internationally. Henna paintings are a common form of adornment while tanoura, fire dance, told and belly dance all show us a glimpse of the country’s mesmerizing folk dances.


Camel rides

This needs a category in itself because camel rides are really calming. This ancient mode of Bedouin transport allows the rider to observe the desert scenes from a heightened perspective while enjoying the swaying motion of the camel’s movement.

Desert Safari Dubai


Safari timing

You are free to chose the time of day you wish to experience the desert safari. Morning people can choose the sunrise or morning safari for a refreshing start to your day. If you are keen on spotting a desert sunset, an evening or sunset desert safari will give you the opportunity to enjoy that too.


Mouth Watering food

No matter how much you explore a destination it’s never complete without a taste of its food. It goes without saying that desert safari (mostly evening or overnight) will let you enjoy a delicious BBQ buffet spread with everything from tabbouleh to charred chicken. Yum!


Dubai desert safari price per person

The desert safari dubai cost per person differs depending on the season. You will come across a high rate during peak season as compared to a low rate during off season. Here is a rough estimate of prices for different desert safaris.

Bus safari: Roughly 70 AED per adult and 50 AED per child.

Normal Safari (Land Cruiser): approximately 160 AED per adult and 120 AED per child.

Luxury Safari (Land Rover): roughly 545 AED per adult and 445 AED per child.

Private Dune Dinner Safari: approximately 950 AED per adult and 750 AED per child.


Difference between cheapest and normal desert safari

Cheapest desert safari dubai – bus

These bus safaris don’t provide the entire experience.

  • Low quality desert camp without washroom facilities
  • Inexperienced guides
  • Bad BBQ dinner
  • Rushed dune drive

Normal desert safari dubai – Land Cruiser

4×4 dubai desert safari has the following plus points:

  • High quality desert camp with seating facilities and washrooms
  • Less crowd
  • Good quality BBQ dinner
  • Qualified and experienced guides


Desert Safari Dubai


How to choose the best desert safari operator in Dubai?

It is a tough task to point at one exact desert safari operator who provides the best desert safari dubai. There are numerous companies (approximately 1500 to 3000) offering desert safaris. Some are good and some are just a waste of money. Additionally, you definitely won’t find around 3000 desert safari camps or private vehicles. A good desert safari operator is not decided by whether they have their own camp and safari vehicles. It is decided by how well they stand up to their promises even if it’s being outsourced. Let’s make things easy and rule out the operators that are more likely to provide a bad experience. Mentioned below are the areas in which these safari operators go wrong.

●     Excess marketing

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? However, online voucher sites are the downfall of even the strongest hearts. Please don’t get fooled by the honey-coated descriptions listed on these sites for a fraction of the price that usual safaris charge. These safaris can never provide good experiences because they are group safaris where you will be spending most of your time waiting around. Always make it a point to ask the vehicle that is being used (bus or land cruiser). Watch out for words like ‘no refund’ in the description. Check if they are listed in reputed sites like TripAdvisor and cross them off if you read mostly bad reviews of the service or they don’t answer their phone.

●     Unorganized data management

Data management is crucial for smooth operating. Most companies don’t have up-to-date data management systems to store customer and booking information. If your booking is not stored properly in the system the only experience you will be getting is a domino of disappointment. Just imagine you waiting around your hotel lobby for your desert safari guide to show up and even after a full hour there is no one. The best litmus test is to read their reviews and see if any guests have experienced this.

●     Promise of VIP service for cheap price

Cheap and VIP can’t be in the same sentence no matter what product is being marketed. This is especially true for a desert safari. These so-called ‘cheap VIP desert Safaris’ will be flocked by tourists and will end up in you having a ‘cheap desert safari in the queue’. So, if you are celebrating an occasion or wish to have a private experience, spend that little extra for a VIP safari.

●     Inexperienced guides

A good desert safari operator has the customer’s satisfaction in mind and hires guides who are qualified, experienced and fluent in English if not many other languages. Some go that extra mile and hire guides who are fluent in many languages or train them accordingly. Companies with a low reputation hire guides who are inexperienced and have no clue about the tour. Some don’t even speak English.

Now that you know of the major red signs our four step checklist will help you rule out operators who you think are not worth the price.

Check their desert safari Dubai reviews

A bit of research never hurt anyone, which is why you should research a bit before you settle. Thanks to modern technology this is digitally possible. First, check if the operator is listed in a trustworthy site like TripAdvisor. If they are listed, read their customer reviews. Reputed companies strive for a brand image and brand loyalty so they will provide a good service to get a good brand image. This is a good litmus test to know if you will be getting a good experience for what you pay.

Guide’s skill level

A good guide always contributes towards a good, memorable experience.After you have tested an operator with our first test and settled with one, call them up and inquire about their guides. Ask how fluently do their guides speak English, are they qualified, what other languages they speak or any other questions you have. Do this before you book so that if their guides aren’t up-to standard you can look elsewhere.

Transport used

To ensure a good experience all desert safaris should be done in a land cruiser or a 4WD. Ring them up and ask them about the pick up vehicle. If they use a bus, Chuck them and consider a different operator.

Quality or money?

We can easily find the answer to this question. Which do you prefer from having bad experiences by spending less money and memorable experiences by spending a bit more money? You would have got your answer!

Desert Safari Dubai

Booking a desert safari online

Let’s assume that you have singled out a Dubai desert safari operator and their answers are all positive. The next step is making the booking. Bookings can be made in the following places.

1.    TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor has becoming a trustworthy and accurate source of judging tours and activities. It also has the added option of being able to book online safely. There will also be a brief description about the attractions you will see, the activities you do or any other details suiting the tour. That’s not all, tips and experiences of other customers, the photo gallery all contribute to an accurate information bank about your tour operator.

2.    Tour Operator Website

Only a handful of operators offer online booking for desert safari. Even though, they request you to mail them your booking request with all the necessary details which is then entered manually. So check their reputation before you book.

Packing for a Dubai Desert Visit

To properly understand what you need to pack you should know about the Dubai desert temperature.

Day temperatures during summer start from 41°C (106°F) and increase usually.

Night temperatures in the desert are more cooler.

The best time for desert safari in dubai is between December and March.

What to pack for a desert safari?

If you have booked a safari during the day time, pack the following:

  • Lightweight clothes made of cotton, linen and other natural fibers. Stay away from dark colors as they absorb more heat.
  • Flip flops or open-toed footwear for easy removal of fine desert sand that can get stuck in your shoes.
  • Sun protection like sunglasses, wide-brimmed hats and sunscreen

If your desert safari is an evening desert safari and goes on until night make sure to pack below mentioned items in addition to those mentioned above:

  • Light jacket or blanket


Why choose an Arooha desert safari?

We also provide desert safaris and here are a few reasons you should try one of our desert safaris.

Desert Safari Dubai

Easy booking and payment

Online bookings are easy with our on site form. All you have to do is enter the required details and confirm we will send you a booking confirmation Email. This will be followed up by a call from a member of our booking team. This service is complemented with the ‘book now, pay later’ feature which allows you to make the payment for your tour at the beginning of it.


Adjustable timing

Our packages are designed in such a manner to suit diverse schedules of our customers. We can adjust the timings according to your request and even customise them if you prefer.


Affordable pricing

We keep in mind all budgets when we price our tours but never compromise in experience. Our affordable prices desert safaris give you the perfect setting to enjoy all the entertainment. Our luxury and VIP safaris are also available for anyone who wishes to experience the luxury of Dubai.


Organized transportation

All our desert safaris include pick up and drop off from hotel, residences or any other noted location in Dubai. All the vehicles used for transportation are comfortable, air-conditioned and clean. They will be driven by our experienced safari guides.


Qualified safari guides

Our safari guides are well-versed with all safety procedures and rules while also having a good experience of the desert and it’s different settings. In addition to all that, they are trained to treat all customers with a warm and friendly manner.


Hygienic camp

Since a good portion of your desert safari takes place in the desert camp, these camps have to be clean and properly maintained. Our camps have all the required facilities and are fully insured.

Adventurous activities

We conduct dune bashing in the comfort a 4WD vehicle like land cruiser or Land Rover so that the customer gets an unforgettable experience. In addition to that, sandboarding, quad biking and camel riding are also offered.


Bedouin entertainment

Emiratis are famous for their warm hospitality and captivating entertainment. Enjoy Shisha smoking, henna painting, tanoura dance, belly dancing, yola dance, etc.


Eco-friendly processes

We consider our environment a treasure which is why we have many measures to back our eco-friendly mantra.


Desert safari pick up times

You must have wondered why pick up times for desert safaris are not mentioned beforehand. The reason is because the timings are dependant on many factors.

  • Location of pickup
  • Unexpected traffic due to road repairs, closures or any events happening in the vicinity.
  • Unpredictable number of customers to book the tour on one day when tours are done on sharing basis.

Most companies have a deadline of 24 hours for bookings so that they can estimate the timings. Here is a rough guide on different desert safari pick up timings. We inform our customers of the exact pick up timings between 5 pm to 7 pm on the night before the tour.


  • Sunrise Safari
    The Pickup times for this recommended desert safari Dubai is entirely dependant on the sunrise time which keeps increasing by few minutes every 3 or 4 days. In general pickup times range from 4 am to 5 am.
  • Morning Safari
    During summers the pick up for morning safaris are at roughly 7.30 to 8.00 am. During winter mornings are slightly cold so pick up is usually between 8.30 and 9.00 AM. Please remember that these timings are also subject to slight changes because of the number of guest taking part in the tour and their location of stay.
  • Evening Desert Safari
    Afternoon can be hot during summer and this heat goes on till evening. Pick up for evening safaris are between 3.45 and 4.30 PM. In Winter season the pickup time ranges from 2.45 to 3.15 PM. This also depends on number of guests and location of stay.

We assume that you have become an expert on desert safaris now. Put your knowledge to good use and book an exciting safari for you to enjoy. If you don’t want to go through all this hassle get in touch with us and we will book you the perfect desert safari from our extensive selection.