Dubai Desert Safari Adventure

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Arooha's custom tailored desert safari tours offer travelers an opportunity to experience the native Bedouin lifestyle. Our safari packages are setup in a manner that each individual making the trip shall return with memories that last a lifetime. Each of our desert safari tours starts with a timely pickup from your place of residence or pre-determined meeting point anywhere across Dubai. Upon reaching the desert you can embark on a thrilling session of dune bashing or explore the desert landscape in your fully automatic quad bike.

The campsite deep in the heart of the Dubai desert offers a more laidback experience with guests having the option of immersing themselves in a number of activities such as camel safaris, henna tattooing or shisha smoking. Travelers opting for either the evening or the overnight safaris can feast on a delicious buffet dinner with barbecue while watching live shows like Belly Dancing, Tanoura dancing and much more. Once all the fun and laughter has subsided you can retreat to the comfort of your tent and catch a good night’s sleep.

Desert Safari Prices and Offers

Arooha Desert Safari Package Includes

Camel icon Quick Camel Ride

Experience the desert in the best possible light on a camel ride through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

Car icon Pick and Drop by a 4×4

We make sure that our customers get the comfort and relaxation that they deserve while at our care. So that we pick and drop our customers by 4×4 land cruiser in camel trekking Dubai.

Jeep icon Desert Dune Drive

Try a truly exhilarating adventure driving across the dunes in the latest, fully automatic, four-seater, off-road dune buggies.

Water icon Water

We provide water during our dessert tours as a refreshment to you since to make your valuable desert adventure more active.

Do’s & Don’ts During Safari

Bag Pack Pack Lightly

If you choose to bring in a heavy luggage along with you for the safari then it will deter what maybe otherwise be an enjoyable experience. Also, be sure not to carry along expensive and fragile items with you.

Eat Dine In Eat Lightly

Before embarking on the safari do not eat heavily as there is a chance you may feel sick midway through the tour. Once you reach the camp, you can feast on an impressive array of veg and non-veg meals.

Dress Dress Comfortably

This depends on the type of activities you are planning to undertake. For those hoping to engage in sandboarding, buggy driving and similar activities, it’s better to wear loose comfortable clothing.

Phone Let us Know

If at any point during the trip you feel uncomfortable for some reason kindly let us know. We try our best to keep you comfortable and you shouldn’t worry about asking for our help.


Why Choose Arooha


Our own Fleets

We own few 4x4 Land cruisers and we use only new clean vehicle for our desert safari tours


From Sunrise

We start the desert tours from Sunrise. Our Sunrise Desert Safari is famous among the stop over travellers who are on a long layovers


Afternoon Safari

Join us on great dune drive in the afternoon time in Dubai


Desert Sunset

Our Guide knows the amazing spots where you can enjoy an amazing sunset in the desert.


Break Fasts and BBQ

Most of our tours include the Break Fasts and BBQ Dinners for our safari tours in Dubai. We try our level best to provide quality food at the quality camp & fresh as possible


Our own Fleets

Get a chance to be in the desert during your holiday in Dubai. Book our over night safari tour or afternoon safari to enjoy the amazing night in Desert

The Desert of Dubai


The desert is an integral part of UAE. The barren land has been home to the native tribe, Bedouins and has now become a must see in every traveller's list.

It's not much about the desert, but about the splendid views, the exciting rides, the feeling of warm Emirati hospitality and traditions of the Bedouins. The best way to enjoy all these and more while keeping in mind comfort and ease can be achieved by opting for a desert safari. A desert safari lets you absorb the thrill, the Emirati vibes, the atmosphere and embrace the love for the desert. The dubai desert name which you will be going if we book with us, called Lehbab which is 45 minutes away from Dubai main city

Great Dubai Desert Safaris with great company

Arranged round transport
The desert safari package includes an organized pick up from your hotel or any other location within the city. The vehicles used for transport are comfortable, air conditioned and will be driven by our friendly safari guides. The drop off after the desert safari will also be included in the package.


Bedouin entertainment
From belly dancing to serving Arabic coffee with dates, Emiratis love entertaining their guests. Experience activities like sheesha smoking, henna painting, belly dancing and tanoura dance.


Thrilling activities
Dune bashing has become a famous desert sport and gives adrenaline junkies a good rush for their money. What makes this activity even more famous is because the individual can comfortably sit inside the land cruiser. Sand boarding or sand skiing where the individual goes sloping down the dunes is also an exciting sport. The sand is soft and cushions any falls making it even more encouraging. Camel riding is a compulsory activity because of the elevated perspective that combines the swaying motion of the camels movement. Its relaxing and picturesque while giving us an idea of Bedouin transport.

Experienced safari guides
Our safari guides are experienced in all safety procedures and maneuvers. They are well versed with the desert and its many personalities. Being friendly and warm to all our guests are their main priority.

Clean camp
Camping the night or spending time in the evening is made easier in our bedouin camps which are clean and well-maintained. All our camps are insured and provide our customers with all the necessary facilities while in the desert.


Why choose an Arooha's desert safari?

Arooha is well aware that all our visitors have varied durations of enjoying different aspects of UAE. This is why we have a variety of desert safaris to choose from. Each of them are compiled to be able to give the traveller the maximum experience within a specific time frame. If you want it to fit your schedule perfectly we can even customize a desert safari for you.

Our desert safaris are priced at reasonable rates allowing travellers with differing budgets to enjoy a memorable experience. For those who want a more luxury service we have private and luxury desert safaris which charge more than the usual ones but are definitely a bang for the buck.

Our main priority is customer satisfaction which is why some of or activities can be shifted around to suit the traveller's preference. Or desert safaris are adaptable and flexible.

Our safari guides are well aware of the ways in which a traveller can enjoy the desert to the maximum. While giving our customers an unforgettable experience in the desert we make sure to minimize waste and leave the surrounding clean, just like how it was at the beginning.

What are the different Dubai desert safaris?

An individual's idea of how to enjoy the desert might be as different as their personality, which is why we have created many desert safaris that have unique experiences while keeping the must do activities same in all.

1. Morning desert Safari
Ideal for those individuals who are morning people, the morning desert safari not only lets you enjoy the desert but also the golden rays that brighten up the day. Continue the day with thrillers like dune bashing, sand boarding and camel riding.

2. Sunrise safaris
A huge plus for the early birds who enjoy the first few hours before the sun brightens up the sky will love this safari. Witness the sunrise over a desert setting after which you can enjoy camel riding, dune bashing a camel farm visit and a light breakfast.


3. Evening Desert Safari
Experience dune bashing, sand boarding and camel riding in the desert to start off the evening. Back at camp try shisha, henna painting a Bedouin photo-shoot and Arabic coffee. Enjoy a delicious BBQ feast while watching live tanoura and belly dance performances.

4. Sunset Desert Safari
A promising photo opportunity for photography buffs, the desert sunset is a picturesque sight to behold. Follow it up with camel riding, dune bashing, a host of Bedouin activities at camp and a BBQ dinner with live emirati dance performances.

5. Overnight desert safari
Enjoy the desert at night and day. Start the evening with dune bashing, sand boarding and a visit to the camel farm. When at camp experience Emirati hospitality, camel riding, henna painting and other activities before dinner. Watch belly dancing and tanoura while dining on a BBQ feast. Relax in the cool desert night while stargazing and gathering around a campfire. Wake up and explore the desert, have breakfast and get back.

6. Romantic Desert Safari
Make good use of the seclusion the desert offers by spending quality time with your significant other in a private dune setup. Enjoy dune bashing and a scrumptious dinner to name a few.

7. Camel trekking
If you really love riding the camel, this safari gives you enough and more time to explore the desert on the back of a camel

faq questions

FAQ Questions About Desert Safari in Dubai

Will our safari guide and driver be the same person?
Yes, our safari guides are trained to do everything. They are well-certified and are aware of all safety and health procedures.

Does the tour duration include travel time as well?
Yes, the tour duration also takes into account the travel time.

Can we choose to omit certain activities, like sand boarding for instance?
Yes, you can choose to omit any activity you don't like trying. We get a lot of requests from pregnant mothers to avoid the dune bashing activity from their itinerary.

Which vehicle is used for dune bashing?
Since it's an off-roading activity, a 4WD Land Cruiser is used. In certain instances when a luxury package is booked we make use of hummers too.


We had a simply amazing time during our Desert Safari. Among the several activities we did, the Dune bike ride was my personal favorite. Driving it through the clam sand plains was thrilling to say the least. Bashir

We undertook a quad bike ride during an evening safari with Arooha Tours. I have to say that it was a one of a kind experience that kept me wanting to go for even longer. - Ivanka