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Current solution continue your stay in UAE

Due to suspensions of flights & Covid-19 restrictions in place currently Arooha offers Abu Dhabi visa without exiting the country, a simple solution for Visit visa renewal Abu Dhabi.


The process of Visit visa renewal Abu Dhabi has been simplified after the Abu Dhabi immigration open visa change without exiting the country by simply changing the status in country.

Decide the last date

Sending the documents

Checking the documents


Proceeding visa

Proceeding status change

Delivering the final status change paper


We can complete your Abu Dhabi visa application quickly and easily by collecting the documents from you digitally and collect the payment online. Also you can visit our office In Abu Dhabi and complete every thing.

1050 AED
Days in Abu Dhabi: 30 days visa + IC status change
1350 AED
Days in Abu Dhabi: 90 days visa + IC status change
AED 950
30 days extension
Documents Required
On arrival nationals applying
long term Abu Dhabi Visas

If you are an on arrival national below documents we needed to prolong your stay in Abu Dhabi.

  1. Digital copy of your passport
  2. Photograph of your self
  3. Extension copy or previous prepaid visa copy
Prepaid nationals applying Abu Dhabi visa

If you are not in the on arrival list, you may asked to provide additional documents to prove your legitimacy to get a tourist visa sponsored by Arooha based on your nationality, some national visas are unable to proceed.

  1. Digital copy of your passport
  2. Photograph of your self
  3. Copy of Current prepaid visa
  4. Contact details of your family or friend in UAE & their residence visa page*

* Those who do not have relatives or friends in Abu Dhabi, will be asked to comply with the security deposit or additional document required to before proceeding the visa.

Renewal after expiry

If you are on arrival (certain) or pre-arranged tourists and visit visa holders have a grace period of 10 days. If a tourist or a visitor overstays beyond the grace period, he will be fined with. AED 100each day overstaying, fine paying fee will charged on separately, after paying the overstaying fine we can proceed visit visa renewal in Abu Dhabi.

Cancelled residence

Any visitors travelling from countries, regions and territories on the 'green' list will be exempt from quarantine requirements and can enter the destination by following a series of procedures that include COVID-19 tests.

Cancelled residence

If your UAE residence visa has expired, or has been cancelled, and if you wish to stay on in the UAE, what is the best way to regularize your status? UAE visa holders have a certain grace period – depending on the type of visa – to exit the country after their visa expires or is cancelled, after the grace period, You can apply for a visit visa, which can be either short-term (30 days) or long-term (90-days). the cost will include the ‘change of status’ process fee, which means that the applicant can shift to a new visa, and continue staying in the UAE legally, without the need to exit the UAE’s borders and re-enter.

  1. Digital copy of your passport
  2. Photograph of your self
  3. Cancellation copy
  4. Contact details of your family or friend in UAE & their residence visa page
Visa flight (A2A)
Airport to Airport visa change

The Airport to Airport visa change which is commonly known as A2A visa change is for those who want to extend their Abu Dhabi tourist/visit visa to stay more days in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi immigration has made it compulsory for Abu Dhabi tourist visa holder to exit the country in order to apply again for new visit visa so this A2A visa change is the best option for this purpose which includes.

  • Return tickets (from nearby GCC country)
  • New UAE visa (1 or 3 months)

The process is easy and simple our fully trained staff will guide you how this whole process will be done and inform you once your visa is issued. Customer is not required to wait for long to get the visa issued. Abu Dhabi Visa Extension for 30 Days and 90 days both are available . All nationalities are welcome to apply for this same day Abu Dhabi visa extension.

Visa change by bus

Oman visa change is the best option especially for filipino, pakistani and indian nationality holders. For this package we need to apply customer’s Oman visa which takes around 2-3 working days so it is highly recommended to apply 4 to 5 days prior to existing visit visa expiry date. After the oman visa issuance we arrange bus transport for the customer. New Abu Dhabi visa will be issued in 1-2 working days so customer is required to arrange residence accordingly.

Visa run

When entering Abu Dhabi as a tourist, many nationalities are entitled to a free multiple-entry visa on arriving at the border (different to a tourist visa). It lasts for 30 days, however, there is currently a 10-day grace period – so really you can spend 40 days in the UAE without incurring an overstay fine. If you wish to stay in the UAE for a longer period of time and you are an eligible passport holder, you can renew your visa by exiting the country and getting a new 30-day visa on arrival issued at the border. This can be done by air or by road. Road tripping to Oman is a popular way of getting this 30-day visa renewed and is commonly referred to as “doing a border run”. It is perfectly legal to do and can add a great side trip to your experience of staying in Dubai, but there are a number of steps involved to make sure you are doing it properly and will maximize the benefit of your renewed visa.