Airport to Airport visa change

UAE A-A VISA CHANGE from Abu Dhabi
available NOW at AUH airport!

Abu Dhabi; the capital of United Arab Emirates is a blooming tourist destination and a peaceful niche for an enjoyable living. Obviously, the number of expatriate residents in Abu Dhabi dramatically increasing day by day witnessing the above fact. Most of the expatriates who comes to Abu Dhabi to visit relations and in search of jobs sometimes seeking for options to extend their stay without going all the way back to their home countries. May be ‘YOU’ who is reading this blog now alsoone of those.…

No point, flying back to your home country wasting time and money to re-apply visa from there, if you are planning to come back ASAP.

Yes it was also hectic before, even though AIRPORT to AIRPORT instant visa option had been there with the exit from Sharjah Airport. If you were in Abu Dhabi you had to start travel to Sharjah many hours beforein-order to reach airport to complete the procedures on time.

Having understood your troubles; Arooha took initiative in introducing visa change from Abu Dhabi airport which is definitely good news!!!

No more hardships for the tourist visa holders and one’s those whocancelledresident visa; as you’re A-A Visa change became easiestat your neighboring AUH airport terminal!

Airport to Airport Visa change for Abu Dhabi

Hip hip Hurray! At this particular visa changeyou will experience some fundamental advantages such as no need of travelling one emirate city to another just to do your tourist visa renewal, No additional airport service changes and expenses, Fast and efficient visa processing service, On board snacks, No printed papers and all through your mobile.


2100 AED 90 Days and 1200 AED 30 Days

What is included in Abu Dhabi A-A visa change package?

Who can do Abu Dhabi A-A visa change?

Check you are belonging to the below eligibility criteria:

What are the Primary and supporting documents required for Abu Dhabi A-A visa change package?

  1. Your colour scan clear passport copy with last page / signature page
  2. White background clear photo
  3. Guarantor Resident visa
  4. Additionally

  5. Supporting documents such as your previous Tourist visa copy/ Cancelled resident visa copy might be needed in relation to immigration clearances
  6. If any child applicant accompanied; will be needed the birth certificate copy

What is the procedure in Airport to airport Abu Dhabi Visa Change?

Upon completion of the AUH visa change payment, you will be given the electronic flight ticket with the itinerary prior to the expected travel date. On the day of exit, make sure to reach the airport at least 3 hours earlier to the departure flight timing.

Step 01 - Departure from Abu Dhabi, UAE

  1. Proceed to Abu Dhabi airport Terminal as mentioned in the ticket copy
  2. Collect your boarding pass - if the electronically issued boarding pass has been not given along with ticket copy
  3. Proceed to the immigration counter, complete the bio metricseyes scan and get the “Exit” seal stamped in your passport
  4. Immediately,take clear photos of your Boarding pass and Exit stamp. Then,WhatsApp to the dedicated Arooha representative staff
  5. Be seated and wait at the departure gate for your flight board-in

Step 02 - Arrival to Oman or Bahrain

Keep in mind: when you are landed to Oman or Bahrain, you are onlya transit passenger. So accordingly you can follow the steps as specified below:

  1. Walk down to the transit passenger’s waiting area
  2. Once you receive the new e-visa via WhatsApp, step to the check-in counter, show the visa and collect your boarding pass
  3. Wait at the departure gate till board-in to the flight back to Abu Dhabi

Step 03- Arrival to Abu Dhabi Airport

Now you are done with 3/4rd of the procedure already, once landed to Abu Dhabi just complete the below formalities for the new entry:

  1. Proceed to immigration counter
  2. Complete the eye scan and get the “Entry” seal stamped in your passport

How much time needed for visa processing during A- A Abu Dhabi visa change?

Generally, all applicants visa proceeding time is 4-24 hours. Exceptionally, it might take up to 48 hours without our control if in case you application takes to immigration security /CID check or there is any remark related to your previous visa history.

Flight Timings

Ticket type: Economy Class
Flying days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (Depend on availability)

Why “Arooha” for AUH visa change?

Proudly we are the 1st agency in Dubai who introduced AUH visa change in UAE
You can experience seamless advantages at the par of Arooha

Better to Know

  1. 1) Arooha has no control over immigration decisions such as immigration security checking, special remarks under your passport etc. In such incidences the immigration department’s decision will be considered as the final and we will be able to get you ONLY the reason.
  2. If you were Overstaying for your previous visa, the fines will need to clear at the airport before your Exit and it is not included for the visa change package charges.
  3. If you have applied any resident visa during the previous stay and if it got rejected due to some reason, hiding that trying to do visa change with us will be not responsible in any circumstances.
  4. This visa change visas can be issued for certain listed counties only


Is Abu Dhabi A-A visa change approved by UAE government?

Of course, AUH visa change option is introduced and implemented as a result of UAE government decision to shorten the lengthy procedures or tourist stays extension. Abu Dhabi immigration department as well as the Airport planning to serve the visitors much better via this visa change option availing in Abu Dhabi

What is the Abu Dhabi Visa Change service?

This service is all about simplifying tourist visa extension and reduces long travel with in UAE just for exit. Moreover, the applicant can obtain the new visa on the same day and re-enter the country most probably on the same day or the other day. This cost effective and time saving option hoping to increase the number of tourist arrival and enjoy stay.

Where does the Abu Dhabi visa change procedure take place?

Basically, this visa change take place in Abu Dhabi airport terminal 1 and 2 check in. Exit though Abu Dhabi Airport immigration, as a transit passenger travel to Oman or Bahrain and Return to Abu Dhabi airport.

What are the visas renewable with the AUH Visa Change service?

30 days single entry-short visas and 90 days single entry –long visas can be change to another tourist long or short term visa

Is this Abu Dhabi Visa Change having an express service?

This option itself is an Urgent visa processing option. So, the visas are being processed fast than usual visa processing in the immigration at AUH visa change

Can we choose AUHVisa Change by bus instead of flying?

Sorry, this option only allowed through specified airport in Abu Dhabi and the only mode of transfer is partnered airlines such as Gulf air and Salam air.

Can I request Abu Dhabi Visa Change without exit from Abu Dhabi?

This option is only allowed for individuals who are on emergency medical treatments and hospitalized. This service requires the individual to submit all medical certificates and proof that the individual cannot travel through Abu Dhabi airport.